’90 Day Fiance’ Loren Brovarnik Forced To Do Damage Control

Loren Brovarnik

90 Day Fiance star, Loren Brovarnik, was forced to do some damage control when she came back from Israel. Loren has 1.4 million followers on Instagram. She is never one to turn off the comments on her posts. However, something led her to do so with a post regarding her trip to Israel. Israel is where her husband Alexei is from. Keep reading to find out more about why she had to turn off her comments.

She Gets Hate About Mommy Makeover

Loren recently got a mommy makeover. It has been shown on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? However, some fans think she was selfish to get the surgery. She was not allowed to lift anything or do much. So, a lot fell on her husband Alexei. She received a tremendous amount of hate for getting the surgery. However, she never turned off her comments and did her best to ignore them. She has been posting all about her surgery and body pics. Some are happy to see her glowing, but the majority are not.

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Loren Brovarnik Is Forced To Do Damage Control

Loren has never turned off her comments. However, when she made a post regarding her trip to Israel, she did. Loren had posted a picture of her at the Nova Music Festival site, and she was smiling in the picture. People were not happy about this. She made a video talking about Israel and captioned it:

“Can you think about a trip that really impacted you for the better?”

However, she did not allow fans to share their thoughts since she turned off the comments. This could be due to some comments on other posts.

  • “Taking photos of yourselves at memorials is weird 👀. Frowning then smiling then frowning. Bizarre”
  • “Why in the world are u using this grievous sight for a photo op! I would be sooo hurt if my loved ones had been there & then some influencer comes along and poses among their “grave”. This is a whole different level of WILD!”
  • “So performative of you. Always making everything about yourself. Did you really have to pose in so many of these pics?”
  • “Unfollowing …. disrespectful taking pictures at a slaughter spot regardless of which side your on”


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It seems that Loren could not handle the hate about the topic. Maybe it is because that is where her husband is from, and she feels entitled to post things about the country. However, some people think she only posted things to be selfish. She is not a fan favorite from the TLC franchise and fans make it obvious when they hate on her. What do you think about her post? Do you think it was selfish? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Getting this ridiculous surgery was about the most selfish thing I’ve seen a mother do. Btw, I was a working mom all my professional career. At times it wasn’t fun but we needed the money. I managed to work 3/4 time so I could still bring the kids to swimming, crafts, tutoring or any other need. However taking off weeks to stick my working husband with all the childcare and housework for a very expensive unnecessary surgery is just selfish. She was lovely pre “mommy baby” and that is the dumbest expression ever. We all have mommy bodies. That’s what the gym and dieting are for. You wanted a lot more, perfection and a lot of money. Body dysmorphia is a new way of saying cut it off till I’m skinny. Your husband is fed up so maybe you better sharpen your work skills.

  2. she is very self absorbed and selfish. the multiple pics she takes of herself reek of insecurity and a need for attention. sad.

  3. The main thing I have to say is the parent and child dynamic with her parents is why she is perceived the way she is. I feel she has led a very smothered life to the point of being spoiled. Her parents would have probably bought her a home next to them just to keep her from going to Israel, that’s how smothered I think she is.

    I don’t think she had any ill intentions as people seem to think. Many people take photos at memorials, long before October 7th people took photos smiling and having fun at Auschwitz. I personally don’t like it but people are programmed to smile in this day of social media, to always look their best.

    Remember even Tv personalities have their ups and downs. As for her mommy body, I understand from a different prospective. I had cancer three times and I didn’t recognize myself and had some of the same procedures as Loren. I would not have been able to afford them if it were not part of reconstruction surgeries, but I can see how some who also could not afford said procedures could be jealous of Loren and not even realize it.

    I went to the gym and worked out at home. All the time and energy focusing on one thing at a time never equaled to what could be done with a surgery. Not that I’m advocating for a shortcut but that’s what I’m getting from people is that she should have worked on it while focusing on her husband or not requiring him to do so much.

    Self care is mental health too so keep that in mind and if Alexi didn’t want to support her he could have came out a said so. My mother waited till
    All seven kids were out of the home before she took care of self care. That was too long for her, and many other women. We are not living in 1950 where the wife has to do everything with or for the family. So many say that only when it suits them.

  4. I don’t understand why everyone is so hard on Loren. She did the mommy make over to make herself feel better about herself. It’s not just about her appearance, it’s about her mental health as well. Give her a break!!

    Everyone should give some hate to Alex. I lost a lot of respect for him!! A LOT. The way he talked to her about doing more with the kids and the house. Saying she down played her recovery time. He knew what the recovery time was. Talk about selfish. I’m so tired, this is too much, wah wah wah! He was a real ass!

    You look beautiful Loren. Keep your head up!!

  5. Leave her alone! Bunch of jealous judgmental B!tches is what you are. You’ve never walked in her shoes.

  6. Loren has become so self absorbed. She got liposuction to put the fat into her boob’s. She still doesn’t have any boob’s so how much fat did they take out?? I can guarantee She is going to have a breast enlargement soon. Loren, enough with the selfies.. it’s getting old…

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