Julie Chrisley Reveals If Marriage Will End After Release

Todd And Julie Chrisley

Julie Chrisley has revealed if her marriage with Todd Chrisley will end after being released from federal prison. The two have been apart since they went to prison. They have both missed out on a lot. Their son’s senior year and other big holidays. Some fans feel as though Julie was only arrested by association and did nothing wrong. Now, Julie is probably getting released. Is their marriage going to end? Keep reading to find out.

Savannah Chrisley Continues To Fight

Savannah Chrisley has advocated for her parents and their release since they were convicted. She had to take custody of her two younger siblings, Chloe and Grayson. However, she has done an amazing job and has stepped up to be there for them. Regardless, she will not stop fighting to get her father freed as well. Savannah is relieved that her mother will get to come home. However, this is only the beginning, and they will continue to fight for Todd’s release. Julie will probably get to return home this summer and it will be just in time to help Grayson through his freshman year of college.

Todd and Julie Chrisley - YouTube/Chrisley Knows Best
YouTube/Chrisley Knows Best

Julie Chrisley Reveals If Their Marriage Will End

There have been some rumors that Todd and Julie Chrisley will end their marriage after getting out. There are also rumors that Todd fears his wife will find someone else. However, this is not the case and Julie plans to stick by his side. An attorney for their family has spoken out saying the two have:

 “Never been closer than ever, even with the decision of Julie potentially getting out earlier. Julie is devoted to [Todd]. She loves him.”

This has brought the two of them closer if anything. They have had to have their marriage go through the worst of ups and downs. The attorney also went on to say this about the two.

 “have been devoted to each other in the past, are devoted to each other in the present, and that’s the way it will be in the future, Todd is hoping Julie gets out earlier to help with the family.”

Todd & Julie Chrisley - YouTube/Chrisley Knows Best
YouTube/Chrisley Knows Best

It seems that Julie has no plans of leaving her husband. She has been there with him through thick and thin. There is no way she is going to leave him now. Julie will fight for her husband’s release alongside her attorney and her daughter. Fans are glad to see Julie go home. She has missed out on a lot for her children, and she can help take back over the parenting role. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Julie

    did the crime her and her husband Todd
    both need to do their time in prison just like any other criminal.

    She should not get out of prison, their are far other females in prison with children, what make Julie so special.

    She needs to stay in prison. Trust me her and Todd have money hide somewhere and Savanna knows where the money is buried.

    1. so what if they have money hidden. what’s it to anybody, keep your own business not others. I don’t believe either one of them should have gone to jail, if anything monetary restitution should’ve been the ultimate sentence.

      1. I agree, and the guy who works for our country, made it his mission to find anything and then went on Facebook and was possing and bragging about everything he did, and not all legal, and they were just a penny in the pond, and they’re are so many real people breaking the law, and even the supreme Court Juge stayed there was no real evidence for the wife, but I do believe she has learned a big lesson and that is to do her own things and read the fine print from now and I’m happy that there daughter grew up really fast, and became Mom and Dad. so on that I say good luck to all of them

      2. exactly 💯 they didn’t kill anyone. Neither one of them have any past criminal history they should only have gotten house arrest or probation.

    2. Sharon, Do you know these people personally? I assume your just a know it all! Let me tell you my 1st husband defrauded several Colorado banks òf over $2million without me knowing a thing. He bought new things and we took vacations but I assumed it was with his work salary or a loan. su ce our credit was excellent. I proved this in court and he is in prison for the next 25 yrs. He will be close to 75 when he gets out. t Cost me close to $100,000 to defend myself. So YOU do not know what she knew.

    3. I totally agree with you!!! She knew what was going on, just getting a reduced sentence because of a loophole!!

    4. Her sentence was miscalculated . Sentencing calculations can be complicated and are frequently incorrect. Im sure many go unnoticed .

      1. Right on! And that 34 times over fella well i had a lot more money in my pocket when we were for the 1st time in history petroleum INDEPENDENT! Bunch of dumbba$$’s

    5. I so agree with you!!!! there are other women that are in there and they have to deal with it. what makes her case any different? They shouldn’t have been so greedy!

  2. Thank the Lord and your tenacious daughter you are coming home. God Bless. Keep strong and carry on. Overcome.

  3. I think it’s great that she is going to be released. Todd should also be released. There have been other celebrities who did worse things and they didn’t get the years that Todd and Julie received. Look at candidates running for President. I guess there is a double standard for some. Being convicted of 34 counts and yet no jail time. I have no faith in this government.

      1. they must be crying everyday like babies until they get what they want. both should have been sent to a regular jail not some special one that casters to the idiots. they both are losers that scammed banks to get profit out of it. anyone else wouldn’t get let out early. who cares they are just selfish a$$ holes

    1. Nancy, I agree with you 100%. Both Todd and Julie should be released and the real criminal with 34 felony convictions that could be our next President should be in prison. A huge double standard and disgusting. I don’t have faith in our courts or our government. Just shameful.

      Keith S

      1. lol those will all be overturned. It’s a damn joke that Trump was charged in that case to begin with.

      2. Let go and let God for he is in charge people ! I was not there I heard or saw nothing , they do not have to answer to us, how long must one pay ? I no there will be ones who will say this and that but really they are paying now as we speak,and only God knows there hearts,this will follow them the rest of there lives,we all sin and fall short of the Glory of God ,let’s pray they saw the light and learned from there wrongs … Dottie H. Ga.

    2. 34 counts of nonsense.. stop watching fake news and start using your brain to think for yourself.. Use facts to come up with an opinion, not BS you hear from obviously biased fake journalists.

    3. yah well difference is they actually did something radical doj going adter opponents isn’t right if the last name wasn’t trump or running for president things wouldn’t be different well let’s see a president got caught doing federal crime with documents and what happen due to old age and his mental health he wasn’t charged and only a few years different so get dact straight first what about Bidens selling out our country

    4. It depends on what those 34 counts said person is convicted of. Since I already know who you’re talking about, being convicted of 34 counts of bullshit won’t put anyone in county jail, state, or federal penitentiary, and that includes regular people like you and I as well.

    5. That’s my same exact thoughts Nancy.. they did not kill or sexually abuse anyone.
      But look who is going to be president again but if you have a a. felony or misdemeanor records in this country you can’t even get a decent job, but they are allowing that presidential candidate 😕 to be president again.
      Money is powerful, I guess it does make some people’s worlds go around
      lol 🤣

      1. Look at what our President is doing, for the last 4 years , he sold our country to the highest bidder
        If the other one don’t get to be president we are all in trouble
        hide and watch

      2. Exactly. I don’t understand why we dont have a bigger presidential selection. Give me someone worthy of my vote and I’ll give it. I dint understand how you can be a convicted felon and incited the riot on the capital and taunt other countries and still be Presidential worthy.

    6. Correct, Biden should have been sent to prison for blackmailing Ukraine on camera yet he didn’t and instead stole an election.

  4. I think that we have missed their show and them. I’m a real fan of theirs. I think it’s wonderful that she’s being released and I think Todd should be released as well again as one of the comments had said, there are people that have done worse things than that and they did not receive the time that they got in their sentencing, I pray for them every day that God will continue to comfort them and strengthen them while they are in prison and protect them from all hurt, harm and danger. I think they are a great couple and hey let’s face it we all have made mistakes and you learn from your mistakes. And they need to know everybody that are fans of theirs are rooting for them , and again like I stated we’re praying for their release and may God continue to strengthen them and their family in their efforts. Savannah, you’re doing a great job of taking on the task of parenting your younger siblings. May God keep you too and his care. I think that their show was a true reality show and I love their dedication to the granddaughter who they adopted Chloe because she is biracial and they love that little girl. And from looking at that they don’t show any racist malice in their hearts they love that little girl and that’s wonderful and I also think that they are down to earth people and I can tell that Todd has been around a lot of African-Americans because some of the things that he says to his children is the same thing I say to mine. Lol 🤣good luck, Julian & Todd. I’m rooting for you and still praying for you and your family.Be blessed from one of you’re true fans.P.S from watching the show from seeing their car the Jaguar. I brought one. One day I would like to meet them. Take care!

    1. I’m soooooo thankful to God for allowing the courts to see the error it. I love this family, and look froward to seeing them again.Ive been Praying for Todd and Julie to be released and mistakes be made right. THIS WAS AWFUL HOW THEY BEEN TREATED!!! I will continue praying for Todd to return home too, I know Nanny Faye didn’t raise a thief!!! It’s so many hateful thinking people are saying about this family, people are so mean in our world today. The court make mistakes all the time and innocent people suffer because there’s no accountability for there actions. ALL GLORY TO GOD!!! Love u guys 🥰😍🙏

    2. I I think she should get out . Men always have the money decisions. She did her time . Let her come to care of her kids.

      1. Men don’t always have the money decisions… maybe in your household, but not in mine… I handle the bills and making sure they get paid. And I make sure hubby knows what is going on in our financial decisions… what are you going to do if something happens to your husband Brenda and you are clueless about your financial situation. Think about that before saying men have the money decisions. That’s a scary thought these days for anyone.

    3. if your money was taken you wouldn’t be so ready to let these two slide.

      if you got held up at gunpoint you wouldn’t expect the robbers to go to jail? this isn’t the first time for them, so they didn’t learn from their mistakes.

  5. I am happy to hear this Mr Todd didn’t want to be poor if anyone would love to be poor put your hand up . ivory

  6. They both need to be released. There have been killers that havent got as much time as they have.I think they have learned their lesson and know what to do now. Let them be a family.

  7. I hope Julie sticks with Todd, they are a great pair and it’s so refreshing to see their true love for one another. I feel this was nothing but a witch hunt anyway. Glad Julie gets to go home soon, hope Todd finds his way there not long after. Put this family back together.

    1. Well honestly, if you don’t vote you can’t really complain about the outcome. Cuz who knows, your vote could be the deciding factor on who is elected in. I don’t see how people could possibly complain if they don’t put their two cents into the polls. So until then no right to complain if you don’t vote and that’s just my opinion.

  8. praying that Julie gets out of jail immediately and that Todd does not serve time for anything that he does not deserve. I agree with the other comment that trump did far more than the Chrisleys and they aren’t even Prosecuting him

  9. I am glad Julie is being released but release her husband, good Lord release these people what is wrong with you guys? Y’all are so biased.

  10. Truly the system is broke. Julie and Todd are not criminals that need to be put behide bars.
    House arrest would of been better than to seperate them from their children and grand daughter. Julie and Todd I miss watching you on tv…true fan and I hope you two can bounce back…

  11. So most of you posters think it is okay that they committed fraud to the tune of 300 millions dollars??? They will get out and live high and mighty like they always have and that is not right, they need to serve more prison time!!!

  12. i think they should both be released!! who cares they didn’t pay this crappy corrupt government their hard earned money! taxes are stupid and the government is ridiculous why should we have to give them so much money when they are literally running the US into the ground! it’s a shame!!

  13. I know right. like it’s OK that you conned people and robbed people because we love your tv show. give me a break . I don’t think they should get more time but I don’t think they should get away with it either.

  14. I think they should be like everyone else and serve their whole sentence! That’s part of the reason they think they are better than everyone else!

  15. Honestly jail is no place for nobody etc murdered and pedophiles…I lost my husband to a jail last year and it was due to not having proper medical staff…So if she can bring them home I’m all for cause all these states want is money which is the root to all evil…..Free todd and julie


  17. happy to see they went to jail. on the show they pretend to be so great and above everyone else and so demanding over their children. he thinks he is God and can’t do no wrong. on the other hand Julia is lot less domineering. w

  18. Yeah I am so glad to see Julie get out of jail, the family needs her. nanny Faye and Savana have been wonderful of course so has Chase never saw the minors that much please let the show come back on the air. Way to go Julie welcome home hopefully Todd will be home soon.

  19. I LOVE this family and wish them the best!
    Savannah, you have done a great job!
    Blessings to the Chrisley’s!

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