‘RHOC’ Shannon Beador’s Ex Disputes Facelift Gifts In Court

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RHOC star Shannon Beador’s ex is disputing that the cash he gave her for a facelift was a gift. More so, he is doing all of this in court. What exactly is he saying about the funds given to her and how soon does he want them back? Keep reading for more details.

RHOC Shannon Beador’s Ex Disputes Facelift Gifts In Court

Shannon Beador has had a hard year as she broke up with her boyfriend, John Janssen. The two had been together for a few years but she maintained he was very private. More so, she did not want to air their dirty laundry on the show because of this. After they parted ways, she ended up getting arrested for a DUI and hit-and-run. While she was going to doctor’s appointments and such, John was by her side. However, he soon had a new girlfriend, RHOC alum Alexis Bellino, and that rocked Shannon’s world. Alexis showed off their romance and they were not lowkey by any means.

Shannon Beador, John Janssen-Instagram
Shannon Beador, John Janssen-Instagram

This was the complete opposite of how Shannon portrayed John as being a private person. Alexis was soon brought back to RHOC for Season 18 after exiting at the end of Season 8. This meant the two women were going to go head to head. However, as that was happening, John wanted something from Shannon and that was the $75K he had loaned her. He alleges that he gave her money for a facelift and now, he wants it back. At the same time, she maintains that it was a gift.

According to In Touch Weekly, John filed the lawsuit against Shannon Beador back in March 2024. He accused the reality star of breach of contract and promissory fraud. John shared that she wanted a facelift so she borrowed $40K from him via wire transfer and then wrote her a $35K personal check. After the suit was filed, Shannon was shocked and maintained that this was a gift. Now, the lawsuit has been amended to address the “gift” idea:

“Defendant knew when she made her false promises and representations that Defendant did not intend to pay for such services. Despite promising to repay both Loans, Defendant’s subsequent actions have made clear that Defendant’s promises were fabricated, and she never intended to follow through on her promises. For example, in an attempt to avoid her obligations to repay the Loans, Defendant now asserts that the Loans were a “gift” from Mr. Janssen, which is completely false.”

What Else Does John Want?

Originally, John Janssen wanted the $75K back along with interest. Now, that has changed and he wants more from Shannon Beador. He has asked for the money, interest, and “reasonable attorneys’ fees, to the fullest extent permitted by law.” Whether or not viewers will get to see this lawsuit drama play out in the new season of RHOC is unknown. However, John believed that Shannon never had any intention of paying him back the money all along.

Do you believe that it was a gift but John does not want to admit it? Or, is Shannon upset about the breakup so she does not want to pay up? Let us know and watch the Season 18 premiere of RHOC July 11th on Bravo.

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