‘The Voice’ Do Fans Think Blake Shelton Will Return To The Show?

Blake Shelton

The Voice fans have voiced if they think Blake Shelton will ever return to the show. It has been wanted by viewers since he left. He did 23 seasons on the show. Fans want to see him come back for another. However, people do not know if that is going to happen anymore. His wife, Gwen Stefani, is returning to the show next season. Keep reading to find out more about this.

Season 27 Coaches

The 26th season of The Voice is next. They have revealed the coaches. They will be Snoop Dog, Gwen Stefani, Michael Bublé, and Reba Mcintire. However, they have also revealed the coaches for Season 27. Kelsea Ballerini will be one of the coaches. She has been on the show before as a fill-in coach, mentor, and more. Adam Levine will also return. He is one of the OG coaches. They will also be joined by Michael Bublé and John Legend. Fans are excited to see Kelsea as a coach as they loved her small appearances.

The Voice
The Voice

Do Fans Think Blake Shelton Will Return?

Now, the question is, do fans think Blake Shelton will ever return to the show? It does not seem likely. 

  • “Could the others come back?? So S26 is on its way and the Coaches for S27 were just announced and I am so flipping excited! Kelsea is going to be a coach which I have been wondering about for a while and Adam is coming back!! Which makes me wonder if Blake could come back if he really wanted to, Or Ariana or Kelly!? What do you all think?”
  • “Kelly and Blake won’t be back because they don’t want to, they’ve said this many times in interviews whereas Adam hadn’t really commented since 2020,”
  • “Kelly started a new life in New York moving her talk show and family there. Blake is done other than maybe as an advisor…”
  • “Yes he said that was the only reason he would come back would be as a mentor for Gwen,”
  • “Blake’s done for good. And tbh him coming back after they did a gigantic send-off for him would be corny,”
  • “Blake said he would come back for a one-off if they got the 4 OG coaches together but besides that Blake doesn’t really have a reason to come back, he’s already had a pretty impressive run of 23 seasons,”

So, it does not seem likely that Blake will return to the show. Especially since he has made several comments about being done. If he did return it would be for one season with the original coaches and then he would leave again.

Blake Shelton - The Voice - YouTube
Blake Shelton – The Voice – YouTube

It seems that fans find it unlikely that Blake will return to the show. Unfortunately, he has made it clear that he does not have any plans to come back. The only way he would come back is if they could get all four OG coaches. They got Adam Levine. However, the rest are not there. He may come back next season to be a mentor for his wife and her team. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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