’90 Day Fiance’ Fans Divided Over Loren Brovarnik’s ‘Selfishness’

Loren Brovarnik

It seems that 90 Day Fiance fans are divided over Loren Brovarnik’s “selfishness”. This comes from her getting a mommy makeover done. During 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, fans have seen Loren go through the recovery of her procedure. However, fans have a lot of mixed opinions on what she should have done regarding the surgery. Keep reading to find out more about this.

Loren Brovarnik Gets Surgery

Loren Brovarnik was seen getting surgery done on the show. This was a mommy makeover. Loren did not feel confident in her body and wanted to get rid of the extra fat in places. What happened was they took the fat from places she did not want it and moved it to places like her butt. So, nothing artificial was injected into her and she says it was all natural. The surgery took seven hours and her husband Alexei was stressing the entire time. Since her surgery, she cannot lift her children. Loren has three children under three years old.

Loren Brovarnik
Loren Brovarnik

Fans Are Divided

Fans have mixed opinions on whether Loren should have done the surgery or not. Some think it was a bad decision.

  • “This was not well thought out. Not a fan of Loren. She always came across as selfish and a bit of an idiot.”
  • “she is just selfish.. me me me I had to unfollow her I think she is more self absorbed than Yara … but whatever.”
  • “She was very selfish and naive. It’s amazing to me that people don’t understand how intense plastic surgery is on the body! Everyone suffered for her vanity.”

However, some fans have her back.

  • “all the work of the pregnancies were on her, Alex can take the reins for a few weeks without the world falling apart.”
  • “Unpopular opinion—good for her.”
  • “I think doing it younger is a lot better than waiting to get older and having more potential health risks. It was a family decision between her and her husband.”

A lot of fans thought it was better to do it younger than have more health risks the older she gets.

Loren Brovarnik & Alexei Brovarnik From 90 Day Fiance, TLC, Sourced From @alex_brovarnik Instagram
Loren Brovarnik & Alexei Brovarnik From 90 Day Fiance, TLC, Sourced From @alex_brovarnik Instagram

It seems that there are a lot of different opinions when it comes to Loren getting her surgery done. While some feel that she should do what makes her feel best, others feel that she should have waited for her kids to be older. Maybe this is also due to Loren saying she may give in and have another child and get the surgery redone. This means she would have to go through this all over again. What do you think about her getting the surgery done? What side are you on? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. I love her & Alex but it definitely was selfish she soo did not need this she was beautiful already & feel she didn’t need a single thing.

  2. I do enjoy this couple. whether she should have done this surgery is really not for me to say, but the timing of it certainly could have been better. I think she should have waited until her youngest was walking without a need to be carried or diapered.

    1. maybe it is somewhat selfish on her part. However we really have no idea about how she’s feels about her body image. Truth about her being selfish self absorbed will come to light let’s wait and see when her husband truly needs or wants something from her how she accommodates him . If she doesn’t then I would feel safe in saying she is selfish only time will tell.

  3. I always like this couple, they are like a REAL couple! But if she now wants another child after all this crap she is out of her damn mind!!

  4. It’s really NOONE’S business but Her & Alexei’s. However, it’s 1 thing if she’s done having children, She had 3 children in a very short time & put her body thru hell in the process. If this made HER feel better & more confident & as a result brought them closer in their marriage- I say good on them. Alexei isn’t the 1 who tore his body apart carrying babies for 27 months out of 36 so honestly, A supportive husband SHOULD be able to do this for his wife after all She sacrificed to give him 3 babies! However; IF she decided after the fact that maybe now She may want to have another baby & then go through all the recovery again….that’s where I’d have a problem. It’s bad enough watching all she suffered once & sacrificing Being the breadwinner & running ragged but then to just on a whim change your mind & think Alexei & the family would want to get stuck doing it again when the folks are older & not used to it —‘ now THAT’S where it becomes selfish & self absorbed. Gotta start thinking of others, not just yourself. Or Wait until the youngest is in School full time. I mean it’s only 5 Years for God Sakes!

  5. Rather to wait while she was older. Who said that??? It’s her body and her money and she can do anything she wasn’t with it. Wait until she is older so her entire body sags and it would cost her more money and more healing time. If you want to look like a Cow wit utters hanging go right ahead it’s your choice and BTW: she is not SELFISH! She had three or four kids she is done. I’m tired of women pitting women down if she wants to be beautiful or have help getting the body you want. Having children drains you and it takes year if you can get your body back. I did it, I’m happy and I would do it again. Good for Lauren.

  6. The people that are saying that she’s “selfish” are probably jealous because they can’t afford to have a “mommy makeover” themselves. Folks need to tend to their own lives and finances. As long as she’s a good mother to those children…I could care less what she spends her money on.

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