‘Survivor 45’ Contestant Heading to ‘Jeopardy!’

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Fans of Survivor 45 will get a chance to see one of their own competing on Jeopardy! This will happen this month, and the person involved said it was time to prove all their detractors wrong and right.

Here is who is coming to Jeopardy! and what they said about the opportunity.

Survivor Contestant Headed To Jeopardy!

Survivor 45 competitor Drew Basile has announced that he is coming to Jeopardy! The young man posted some photos on his Instagram account that showed him with Ken Jennings and another of him by himself before the competition. He then joked that he would prove everyone who thought he was a “know-it-all” right.

Drew Basile from Survivor | YouTube
Drew Basile from Survivor | YouTube

Drew Basile was a contestant from Survivor 45, and he said that he was one of the “smartest” people to ever appear in the competition. He proved his intelligence on the show when he became the strategic head of the Reba Four. His ego also caused him to become a low-key villain, especially among his other castaways.

His alliance dominated the season until they eliminated most of the competition, at which point they turned on each other. However, Drew’s luck ran out when he overestimated his position and was blindsided by Julie Alley and Dee Valladares in the final six.

Now, Drew will be the first Survivor contestant to appear on Jeopardy!

When Will Drew Basile Be On Jeopardy!?

Drew Basile announced that he would appear on Jeopardy! on Wednesday, June 19. He posted photos of him and Ken Jennings and wrote, “I’M ON JEOPARDY!!! Airing June 19. The haters have called me a know-it-all. It’s time to prove them right.”

Drew Basile IG

Drew Basile IGFans seemed excited for Drew as the Survivor 45 castaway will get to prove his intelligence on Jeopardy!

  • “OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Cannot wait!!!! So proud of you!!! This is amazing!!!!”
  • “What can’t he do!!!! Congrats Drew can’t wait to watch”
  • “Love using hater fuel to propel further into greatness.”
  • “Drew is crushing Jeopardy! while Basile is somewhere wreaking havoc on Wheel of Fortune”

Brandon Donlon made that last comment. He also competed in Survivor 45 and ended up eliminated early when his main ally, Hannah Rose, quit the show, leaving him alone and at the mercy of the others.

What are your thoughts on Drew Basile making it from Survivor 45 to Jeopardy!? Do you think he has a chance to win on the show, or is he not as smart as he always says that he is? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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