Is ‘General Hospital’ Bringing Jagger’s Dead Wife Back?

Adam Harrington as Jagger/Credit: 'General Hospital' YouTube

Jagger Cates and Karen Wexler were among the young adult characters dominating General Hospital in the 1990s. Antonio Sabato Jr. and Cari Shayne played the characters. The soap recently brought Jagger back to Port Charles with a different actor. Do they plan to resurrect his dead ex-wife, too? Keep reading for more on the rumor.

Is General Hospital Bringing Jagger’s Dead Wife Back?

There’s been a lot of buzz lately among General Hospital fans about the possibility of Karen Wexler, Jagger’s ex-wife, returning from the dead.

For those who may not remember, Karen was a significant figure in Jagger’s life. Their relationship hit a snag when she got hooked on pills as an underage stripper at a club owned by Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard.) Karen also found out that Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) was her biological father.

Adam Harrington as Jagger/Credit: 'General Hospital' YouTube
Adam Harrington as Jagger/Credit: ‘General Hospital’ YouTube

The two got back together and married when Jagger was accepted into the police academy in Chicago. They left town together, but Karen later returned solo on the spinoff Port Charles. Jennifer Hammon and Marie Wilson played the character during the character’s run on the spinoff.

Karen died in a car crash on the spinoff series Port Charles, but it seems that her story may not be over yet. The show has been hinting at Karen’s possible comeback, with her character being referenced often lately.

Karen’s potential return raises a lot of questions. How would her character be brought back? Would she still be with Jagger, or would she be involved with someone else? How would her return impact the current storylines and characters?

Cari Shayne Shares Thoughts

Cari Shayne returned to acting in 2017 after almost a decade. She has been on the digital soap The Bay since 2019. She recently chatted with Soap Hub at a pre-Daytime Emmy party. The actress revealed that she did hear through the grapevine that General Hospital brought Jagger back to Port Charles with a new actor in the role.

She added that she’d also heard Karen has been mentioned on the show a lot lately. Shayne didn’t reveal if she’s been approached but said she would be open to reprising the role, adding, “It might make sense” to bring the character back.

The actress still has connections with her former co-stars. She was a recent guest on Maurice Benard’s YouTube mental health series, State of Mind.

While there’s been no official confirmation from the show, the hints and rumors suggest that Karen’s return is a real possibility. Fans of the show are eagerly awaiting more news and are speculating about how Karen’s comeback could play out.

Do you want to see Karen Wexler and actress Cari Shayne return to General Hospital? Let us know in the comments.

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