‘Bachelorette’ Gabby Windey Feared Death Amid Bad Botox Reaction

Gabby Windey - Instagram

Bachelorette fans have been slamming Gabby Windey, claiming her face looks different from using Botox. This week, the ABC star revealed that she had a far scarier experience than just a bit of swelling. Actually, her scary reaction made her fear that she might even die. Read on to find out what happened.

Gabby Windey Uses Botox, Makes No Apology

In December, Gabby, who came out with Robby Hoffman in August last year, looked different. Actually, many Bachelorette fans thought her face looked too swollen. Some critics likened it to a reaction to bee stings. And others simply bashed her for using too much Botox. After all, her lips and cheeks seemed to have changed shape.

Gabby Windey Before and After - Instagram
Gabby Windey Before and After – Instagram

Gabby Windey wasn’t shy about clapping back at critics about her facial enhancements. In fact, she claimed it wasn’t Botox that made her face change. Instead, she said that she put on some weight. The inference was that dating Robbie Hoffman made her very happy. So, she packed on some pounds. However, not many ABC viewers believed her.

Bachelorette Reveals A Bad Experience

On Thursday, the former Bachelorette took to her Long Winded podcast on YouTube. She captioned the episode with, “Divulging my explorations with botox…” The former fiance of Erich Schwer related quite a scary situation and it happened before she appeared on the ABC dating show.

Gabby Windey - Long Winded - YouTube
Gabby Windey – Long Winded – YouTube

Gabby Windey initially rambled a bit and talked about her feet hurting, and she delved into her years of nursing experience and “jock itch.” Her followers appreciated her humor. Anyway, after getting it together, she moved on and spoke about her scary Botox experience. It happened when she was cheerleading for the Broncos.

The former Bachelorette lead explained:

when I was a Broncos cheerleader our arms were always up with the pom poms…I noticed in all the pictures we would get get back whenever I’d raise my arms above my head… I would get a lot of wrinkles on my neck…honestly it was like big thick wrinkles I have a long neck and I don’t have flexible shoulders. So, I was like would ‘Botox in the neck help.”

The ABC star related how she went to a small clinic and she got injected. Three days later, she “went to Broncos cheer practice.” Gabby Windey explained that she felt as if her “neck could swivel off its axis.”

She also talked about how she “lost … muscle contraction.” Furthermore, she couldn’t “swallow.” And, her voice “voice dropped two to 10 octaves.” The Bachelorette alum became really nervous and asked her friend to check her “pulse.” The Botox in her neck made her feel as if she might “die.” Did Gabby Windey do it again? Well, the answer is yes, and she went back for more, saying, “You bet your ass.”

What are your thoughts about Gabby Windey’s scary Botox experience? Are you surprised that the effects were so bad that she thought she was going to die? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Bachelorette news.

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