Daisy Kent Spills How ‘Bachelor’ Costars Saved Her

Daisy Kent/Credit: Instagram

Daisy Kent doesn’t seem to have any regrets about her time on Season 28 of The Bachelor. She recently explained how her costars saved her. Keep reading to find out more.

Daisy Kent Spills How Bachelor Costars Saved Her

Daisy Kent was an immediate favorite among Bachelor viewers. She inspired many by openly discussing her health battle with Lyme disease and hearing loss, which resulted in her wearing a cochlear implant.

She quickly caught Joey Graziadei’s eye, too. Their strong connection began forming on their first one-on-one date and only got stronger. However, it wasn’t strong enough to overcome his feelings for another contestant, Kelsey Anderson.

Daisy saw the connection between Joey and Kelsey and gracefully bowed out before the final rose ceremony. Joey went on to propose to Kelsey, and they are starting their happily ever after. Daisy Kent may not have gotten the guy in the end, but she found lasting friendships.

Daisy Kent/Credit: ABC YouTube
Daisy Kent/Credit: ABC YouTube

She recently took to her Instagram Story to shout out costars Kelsey Toussant and third-place runner-up Rachel Nance for what they did for her during the show. The post has since expired, but bachelornation.com revealed what it said.

“Rachel and Kelsey, I could use your help with getting this to close right now,” Daisy wrote alongside a photo of an open suitcase with clothes strewn all over. She explained the inside joke to her followers:

“Backstory, Kels and Rach helped me pack everywhere we went on ‘The Bachelor’ because my suitcase would somehow explode and I could never get it to close by myself.”

Rachel Nance shared the post on her own Instagram and joked she was on her way to help.

The Power of Female Friendship

Fans love that the three have remained friends long after the show. Daisy Kent and winner Kelsey Anderson were praised for supporting each other through the finale. In a franchise first, the two shared a limo to the final rose ceremony, holding each other’s hands for support.

Kelsey Anderson and Daisy Kent/Credit: ABC YouTube
Kelsey Anderson and Daisy Kent/Credit: ABC YouTube

“We just were really embracing each other and just telling each other how amazing each other were,” Kelsey previously said about the limo ride.

Daisy previously visited Kelsey’s hotel room for an honest chat about where they each stood with Joey Graziadei. That conversation confirmed to Daisy that Kelsey and Joey were meant to be. She’s since moved on with an old friend from college.

What do you think about Daisy Kent’s shoutout to Rachel Nance and Kelsey T.? Sound off in the comments.

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