Tom Sandoval Wants To Ask Lala Kent On A Date?

Tom Sandoval and Lala Kent

Tom Sandoval may want to ask Lala Kent on a date. Fans would be shocked if they ever went out. However, why is Tom saying this when he has a girlfriend? He has been dating Victoria Lee for several months at this point. This made people wonder if that relationship is going downhill as well. Keep reading to find out more about what Tom Sandoval said.

Lala Kent Is Currently Pregnant

Lala Kent is currently pregnant with her second child. However, this time she became pregnant by doing IUI treatments and having a sperm donor. She has taken this seriously and fans are proud of her. Lala had a sperm donor party where she and her close family and friends picked out her sperm donor. This was a great experience that viewers got to see on Vanderpump Rules. Once they picked the donor, Lala went to do her treatments and got pregnant on the first try. She found out later on that she was going to be having a baby girl.

Lala Kent Instagram Story
Lala Kent Instagram Story

Tom Sandoval Hitting On Her?

Tom Sandoval may want to go on a date with Lala Kent. He said it himself, well, he was joking. 

“I figure, you know, if [Katie] can be BFFs with Lala, eventually [she] can come around to me. Lala’s been so chill. Me and Lala are connecting, what if I asked Lala out on a date?”

Schwartz then replied:

 “She would say, ‘F*ck no,’”

The two then laughed and stopped talking about Lala. While Lala has been better about forgiving Tom Sandoval than some of the other cast members, she will always have her wall up. Although, she has been mending her friendship. Maybe even more now that Ariana and Lala are not friends at the moment due to the fight at the reunion. It seems Lala is just focusing on herself, her child, and her current pregnancy. Fans applaud her for doing so.

Lala Kent, Tom Sandoval-YouTube
Lala Kent, Tom Sandoval-YouTube

It seems he was just joking. However, fans would not be shocked if he jumped on the opportunity if Lala ever showed interest. It is safe to say Lala would not be interested in Tom. He has been unfaithful in his past relationships and that does not give people hope that he can change. Lala is going to welcome another baby girl into the world this year and fans cannot wait to see her. What do you think about the situation? Sound off in the comments below.

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