‘RHONJ’ Fans Call Canceled Show End Of An Era

Teresa Giudice from RHONJ | YouTube

Fans of Real Housewives of New Jersey are lamenting the end of an era. Already unhappy with how things are playing out on RHONJ Season 14, they will be even more disappointed when the season ends. Bravo has chosen to cancel the RHOBJ reunion show.

Here is a look at the reasons for the canceled show and what fans are saying about its absence.

Bravo Cancels RHONJ Reunion Show This Season

The Real Housewives franchise has been doing reunion shows for over a decade now. These are arguably even more popular than the main shows. This is because the cast members get together and talk about what happened during the season. While the shows are edited, the reunion shows let the cast discuss what they remember and how they feel after the season’s events.

Luis and Teresa of RHONJ at BravoCon / YouTube
Luis and Teresa of RHONJ at BravoCon / YouTube

This is the first time in the franchise’s history that there won’t be a traditional reunion special. Some fans believe this cancelation is because the current cast can’t get along well enough to get together for this event. Some fans believe it might be time for Bravo to reboot the franchise and bring in new Housewives for next season.

“A reunion is meant to have resolution, and it’s clear in the season final that there is no path forward in that type of setting,” an insider said (via PEOPLE). “The network is figuring out a different concept to wrap up the season.”

The cast didn’t even have to speak to each other when filming Season 14. It seems like this era of Housewives might be ready to head out the door. With no reunion, there is a good chance that most of the women on the show might be sent packing before Season 15.

RHONJ Fans Ready For Change In Franchise

Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga remain at the center of the implosion of the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast. The two reportedly never spoke to each other or interacted the entire season until the finale, which was teased when the season started.

RHONJ reunion | YouTube
RHONJ reunion | YouTube

Margaret Josephs and Rachel Fuda are also at odds with Teresa for different reasons. Margaret claims Teresa called and threatened her son at his place of business. Rachel’s husband, John Fuda, claims Teresa had been “investigating” him and even contacted his ex-wife in prison.

Bravo suspended Jennifer Aydin and Danielle Cabral earlier in the season for an “altercation” that became physical. Only Dolores Catania has remained on good terms with almost everyone.


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Fans feel it is time for a change:

  • “The show has been toxic. The cast hates each other, spinning out stories and have their hands in the blogs … Shake up the ENTIRE cast. Yes, even remove Teresa.”
  • “Bravo did this to themselves, desperately pushing the feuds and dramas. Take a note from the new NYC”
  • “Can we PLEASE just clean house? This franchise has gotten so bad.”

What are your thoughts on losing out on the RHONJ reunion this year? Do you think this means it is time to cut the women loose and start over? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. The show could go on and be great just by removing Teresa. She always has been, is, and always will be the problem. Yes, she brings drama and attention but it’s to the ridiculous point. She’s not smart or interesting, she’s just a clown.

  2. Yes, get rid of the Gudices!!! That Teresa loves to stir the pot of lies then when caught she makes sure she throws someone else under the bus! GET RID OF HER!

  3. I won’t watch the show if Teresa is on it. I really can’t stand her!! Please get rid of her.

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