’90 Day Fiance’ Josh Weinstein Gets In Legal Trouble With Model

Josh Weinstein

90 Day Fiance Josh Weinstein has gotten into some legal trouble with a model. Josh Weinstein is known for his time on 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life when he was dating Natalie Mordovtseva. Fans did not like Josh, and he rubbed people the wrong way. However, it seems his new business is not going too well since he is now in a lawsuit. Keep reading to find out more about this.

Josh Weinstein And His Legal Trouble

Josh Weinstein launched a modeling company, Preview Model. This was made to help models get gigs and jobs. He does things such as casting calls and photo shoots. Sharaun Brown has filed a lawsuit against Josh Weinstein and his company. They started using her pictures in February 2023. Josh told her they would pay her for the photos, but he still has not paid her. In May 2023, she asked them to stop using her photos. They were also using her images to make it seem like she was endorsing the company, but she was not.

90 Day Fiance: Natalie Mordovtseva - Josh Weinstein
90 Day Fiance: Natalie Mordovtseva – Josh Weinstein

Fans Do Not Approve

Fans do not approve of what Josh is doing. 

  • “Isn’t his whole business model a scam? He gets wannabe influencers pay him to be in runway shows to increase their exposure”
  • “He probably stiffed her in more than one way.”
  • “”90 Day Fiance star”…he was B-roll at Best.”
  • “He’s always seemed like an overgrown f boy to me, sadly no surprise here. Natalie has issues but I don’t think the way he led her was scripted, & it was so creepy when his little clown squad came on the reunion!”
  • “This guy thinks he is in any position to help anyone do anything? THIS guy!?!?! THIS GUY?!?! seriously???”

Viewers are not surprised that he is scamming people. It is also rumored that his entire business is a scam. He had even told Natalie that he would help her get into the modeling business. Well, that did not happen, and they broke up.

Josh Weinstein From 90 Day: The Single Life, TLC, Sourced From 90 Day Fiancé YouTube
Josh Weinstein From 90 Day: The Single Life, TLC, Sourced From 90 Day Fiancé YouTube

It seems that Josh has gotten into legal trouble with Sharaun. His new business was using her pictures and not paying her for them. They also made it seem like she was partnered with the business, and she was not. Fans were not shocked that he had gotten himself into trouble. Josh has not spoken out on the issue and continues to promote his business. What do you think about this? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Another example of trauma drama brought to life by the 90 DF group. There are tons of good people wanting and finding the love of their lives. How about showing those to us. Give us hope not dopey tv.

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