‘Counting On’ Jana Duggar Worries Fans In Throwback Clip

Jana Duggar & Michelle Duggar From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From @janamduggar Instagram

Counting On alum Jana Duggar is making many fans worry after an old clip resurfaced online. The second Duggar child is currently the oldest member of the family to remain single. She has yet to find a significant other at the age of 34. However, some Redditors think there’s a shocking reason as to why she hasn’t entered a courtship. Keep reading to see what it was.

Counting On: Jana Duggar Returns Online

In May, Jana returned to social media after over two years of absence. The former Counting On star uploaded a clip of beautiful flowers at the Duggar compound. A small shed is also visible in the video, and some fans believe it was the shed she reportedly lived in to have personal space.

Jana Duggar & Michelle Duggar From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From @janamduggar Instagram
Jana Duggar & Michelle Duggar From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From @janamduggar Instagram

Three days later, Jana made another post with her mother, Michelle, to celebrate Mother’s Day. She even shared clips from the Duggar family’s Mother’s Day lunch. Many were also surprised to see Jim Bob, who hasn’t appeared for quite some time since the CSAM arrest of his son, Josh.

Jana Worries Fans In Throwback Clip

Some Redditors discussed a clip from an old vlog featuring Katey Duggar’s pregnancy announcement to the Duggar family. The video shows Abbie looking so excited after Katey shared that she’s expecting her second child. But Jana Duggar’s reaction shocked the viewers. According to some, Jana was clearly uninterested and “faked” her smile after learning about Katey’s pregnancy. Others also said that the Counting On alum might be upset about having to look after another Duggar grandkid, which has been one of her main roles in the family.

  • “#Tb to when Katey told Jana she was pregnant with her 2nd. So funny how she acts enthusiastic.”
  • “The psychology behind the way she squeaked out, “AhHHhHH, Niiiice! Congraaaaats,” I will forever be curious about. Is it losing another friend to the motherhood? Is it envy? Is it relief that it ain’t her?”
  • “But, seriously — how much enthusiasm can you muster for another niece/nephew when this is, like number twentysomething? And with a big chunk of those coming in the last 7 or so years?”
  • “The empty, joyless laughter combined with the look in Katie’s eyes is priceless. Side note, does anyone else feel like Jed not only sounds just like josh, on top of looking just like josh?”

Counting On: Jana Duggar’s Alleged Courtship

In 2021, Jana was reportedly linked to a pilot named Stephen Wissmann. Photos and clips of the two traveling together have surfaced online. The Counting On alum even made headlines after celebrating 2020 Christmas with the Wissmann family and sitting next to Stephen. However, things suddenly became silent between the two. It’s unclear what happened between them. But there are speculations that their courtship was stopped following the conviction of Jana’s oldest brother, Josh.

Jana Duggar From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From @janamduggar Instagram
Jana Duggar From Counting On, TLC, Sourced From @janamduggar Instagram

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