Jax Taylor Investigated For Changing Diapers On Bar In Restaurant

Jax Taylor

Jax Taylor and his restaurant, Jax’s Studio City, were recently investigated by the health department for a couple of reasons. However, the big reason is that baby diapers are supposedly being changed on top of the bar, where food is served. This is a great reason for the restaurant to be investigated. Keep reading to find out all of the details about the investigation.

Jax Taylor Opens Restaurant

Viewers got to see Jax and Brittany working on the new restaurant, Jax’s Studio City, on The Valley. Brittany was supposed to be in charge of all the decorating projects while Jax focused on the food, drinks, etc. The two did have a little argument over the issue because Brittany felt as though Jax did not want her involved as they originally planned. Fans also saw the opening of the restaurant take a toll on their relationship. It was taking up all of Jax’s time.

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Investigation Details

After costar Jasmine Goode posted a video of what looked like Jax and Brittany changing their son’s diaper at the bar, customers made complaints about sanitation. There were also complaints made about the beer cheese not being made in-house. However, when the health department came to investigate, the restaurant was cleared. They were scored an “A” with a score of 94 out of 100 points. This is the best grade a restaurant can receive.

“Discussed with owner that employees and customers are not allowed to change baby diapers in the bar counter or on tables. It is the owner’s responsibility to enforce this. Owner demonstrated understanding.”

The complaint was then closed. About the beer cheese, there was no recipe card for it, but a staff member could tell them how it was made. So, that complaint was closed as well. However, fans are still weary about eating at the restaurant due to the video of Jax changing Cruz’s diaper there. Would you want to eat there after that video was made?


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It seems the restaurant was cleared when it was inspected. The health department did not find anything wrong. However, they made sure to tell Jax the beer cheese had to be made on sight and no diapers could be changed on the bar. The last one seems pretty obvious. Apparently, Jax just does what he wants anyway. Fans were disgusted when they saw the video Jasmine shared. What do you think about it? Sound off in the comments below.

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