Will Emma & Alex Johnston Soon Move Out Like Liz Did?

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At the end of Season 8 of 7 Little Johnstons, TLC fans were appalled because Trent Johnston told Jonah to get out and find his own place, so will he do the same to Emma and Alex Johnston? Actually, it took Jonah much longer to move out than Elizabeth “Liz” Johnston who made the move first. Keep reading to find out more.

Emma & Alex Johnston Are All Grown Up Now

In a twist, TLC fans saw that Jonah Johnston didn’t last long on his own. Soon, after experimenting with Delta 8, he ended up back at home. Liz Johnston, who left before Anna, ended up falling pregnant and now she’s also back home. Anna, who fought her mom finally left their house, and now she owns her own home.

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With Emma and Alex Johnson on their way to college, 7 Little Johnstons fans naturally wonder if Trent and Amber will send them out to live on their own as well. In fact, some fans urged the youngest children to get as far away as they could from their parents. That came when they saw that Emma was charged with checking that Jonah, 23, kept his room tidy, and woke up in time for work.

TLC Fans Discuss The Younger Kids Moving Out

Emma Johnston and Amber got along much better than Amber did with Anna. It seems Anna clashed with her mother for years. So, she’s probably happy out of their home. In fact, 7 Little Johnstons fans suspect that Anna is estranged from her parents. However, Emma might not want to leave. And on Reddit, critics of the TLC family think her parents might hope to keep her around longer.

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The OP on the social media platform raised the question about Emma Johnston and her brother Alex, saying:

Alex and emma…Now that they both graduated, will alex and emma be encouraged to move out like all the other children were?? hummmmmmm

In the discussion that followed, some TLC fans felt that Alex Johnston might never leave unless he marries his girlfriend, Allie Smith. And, others were not sure that Emma Johnston would leave, either. Here are some of their thoughts:

  • Emma has to stay at home to make sure Jonah gets up on time and cleans his room.
  • Emma and Alex fit the mold Amber and Trent want them to fit into. Anna was rhe rebellious child that didn’t fit their mold.
  • …alex and emma seem to never have pressure put on them.
  • She needs Emma to babysit her grown adult child so she’ll def want her home. Alex has always been babied and they’ll try to marry him off to his gf and ask them to move bc he can’t do anything by himself.

What do you think about the possibility that Emma Johnston and Alex might stay at home much longer than their older siblings? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your 7 Little Johnstons news.

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  1. all those johnston,s kids need to tell the parents to mind their own business and to stay out of theirs they couldn’t wait to get Jonah out of the house now their getting all the kids back to tell them what to do amber and Trent are way to controlling Jonah is an adult not 16 their treating their older adult children like their teenagers you do anything wrong and whether you like it or not you come back home under their thumb now their using Elizabeth’s dog’s death as an excuse to bring Elizabeth back home to control her and her baby their granddaughter as an excuse to control Elizabeth and now their gonna try to get brice out of Elizabeth’s life amber let that slip out this past Tuesday move Elizabeth in and make sure brice doesn’t live with Elizabeth they reeled her in by stating she would move back home since her baby was born unfortunately Liz agreed to it I was so disappointed in Liz wake up Elizabeth don’t move in with your mom and dad stay in your place only allow your mom and dad to baby sit your baby when you and brice want to go some place together Elizabeth please wake up don’t let your mom and dad control you please your mom an dad are major control freak,s you adult kids need to wake up quick before your parents take over yall,s life then yall won’t have a life cause your parents have taken over yall ,s life please wake up before it to damn late move out back on your own and stay out on your own even if you have to break away from your parents take my advice and take it in heed leave and don’t look back please take my advice please ❤️ 💙

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