’90 Day Fiance’ Liz Woods Shocks With Stunning Makeover

Big Ed and Liz Woods

Liz Woods from 90 Day Fiance has shocked fans with a stunning makeover since her breakup with Big Ed Brown. Fans saw the two split suddenly on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Now she is showing off her new look with fans. Liz and Ed even went on 90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort, to try and mend their relationship before deciding to plan a wedding. Keep reading to find out more.

Big Ed Brown Calls Off Wedding

Liz and Ed were engaged and planning a wedding. However, after a huge fight, Liz got a text from their officiant. He was apologizing for the wedding being called off. Liz had no idea Ed canceled the wedding and was in complete shock. The fight took place at his sister’s house. She had cooked dinner for them. However, the dish was too spicy for Liz’s daughter, Ryleigh. So, when she did not eat, Ed started yelling at her. This resulted in Liz defending her daughter and the two of them fighting in front of everyone. For some reason, this was the last straw for Ed, and he did not hesitate to call off the wedding.

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Liz Woods Shocks Fans With Stunning Makeover

Liz Woods celebrated her 32nd birthday. She stunned fans in a strapless black and white dress. Liz was glowing and posed for photos with her new boyfriend and her mom. Fans were excited and happy to see how good Liz looked.

  • “I still dont know what she saw in Ed This guy looks 100% better”
  • “She’s apparently lost weight too. Good for her. Finally smartened up”
  • “She’s only 32?! Wow thank goodness she got out of that horrible relationship with Ed, he was slowly draining her”
  • “Stunning! Peace looks amazing on you!”
  • “I’m glad she is finally happy!!!❤️ Ed was not the one for her!”

Fans love Liz and wanted her to get out of the toxic relationship with Ed. She is now glowing and looks like she is living her best life.

It seems fans are happy for Liz and how she is doing since the breakup. She spent her 32nd birthday with people she loves, her boyfriend, and her mom. Viewers think Ed was dragging Liz down. Since the breakup, she has started taking care of herself again, physically and emotionally. Liz is radiant and glowing post-breakup. What do you think about how happy she looks? Sound off in the comments below.

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    1. When are the producers going to figure out that he’s just pretending to be in love with all these to be on TV. If he gets serious with one of them his story is done.

      1. Liz does look happy!! I hope that she grows as a person and has a wonderful love life. She deserves it!!

  1. Big Ed just wants to stay on the show. I wish 90 Day would stop putting him on the show, I can’t stand him and its all a scam. Good luck to Liz. She deserves it.

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