‘1000-LB Sisters’ Misty Slaton’s Shocking Weight Loss Worries Fans

1000-lb Sisters: Misty Slaton Wentworth

As longtime 1000-lb Sisters fans know, slimming down is now a family affair. Between all the TLC siblings, they’ve all found the motivation to drop the pounds. However, based on the latest weight loss from Misty Slaton Wentworth, some viewers are concerned that she has lost too much. So, what’s the latest?

1000-LB Sisters: Losing Weight Has Become A Family Activity

With good reason, 1000-lb Sisters fans have been all about keeping up with Tammy Slaton’s impressive weight loss. She has easily dropped the most weight out of anyone in her family, losing over 400 pounds. However, these days, slimming down has become a family activity. It is something that all the siblings are doing these days, including Chris Combs’ wife.

After everything each family member did to get to the previous sizes they were, it’s encouraging for many 1000-lb Sisters fans to see that losing weight has become a family affair. As a collective, the entire family has turned the ship around, and viewers love to see it.

Amanda and Misty of 1000-Lb Sisters from TLC, Sourced from YouTube
Amanda and Misty of 1000-Lb Sisters from TLC, Sourced from YouTube

Misty Slaton Wentworth Also Turned Things Around

As 1000-lb Sisters fans have seen, Chris Combs, Misty Slaton Wentworth, and Amanda Halterman are side characters in TLC scenes, as the show mainly focuses on Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton. The sisters have a large extended family, most of whom needed help in the weight loss department.

For Misty Slaton Wentworth, she also turned things around in a big way when it came to her slimming journey. When you get to the sizes that these 1000-lb Sisters siblings were at, you have to deal with a whole bunch of health issues. In some cases, the extra weight can bring about an early death. So, there was plenty of incentive for Misty and the others to get things on track.

Misty from 1000-Lb Sisters, TLC, Sourced from YouTube
Misty from 1000-Lb Sisters, TLC, Sourced from YouTube

1000-LB Sisters: Has Misty Slaton Wentworth Lost Too Much Weight?

When it comes to the Slaton sisters and their siblings, you wouldn’t think that losing too much weight should be a problem, especially when you consider their previous sizes. However, some 1000-lb Sisters fans are concerned that even Misty has lost too much weight based on the most recent updates.

Like her sisters, Misty got bariatric surgery, and she lost enough weight that she was able to say goodbye to her diabetes medication. While it’s not currently clear just how much weight she has lost, there is enough of a difference to where many 1000-lb Sisters fans think she has lost too much.

@mistywentworth6 #amanda ♬ Beautiful Crazy – Luke Combs

One might think this is a good problem to have, but, there does come a point where someone can go from having too much weight to too little. Many viewers say the same thing these days about Tammy as well. However, as a family, when you gain weight like these siblings did, being told that you should stop losing weight most likely feels like a major accomplishment.

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