‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Are Nathan & Taylor Still Together?

Farmer Wants A Wife: Nathan Smothers - Taylor BeDell

With all of the Farmer Wants A Wife drama in the Season 2 finale of the Fox show, many viewers want to know if farmer Nathan Smothers and Taylor BeDell are still together following the episode. So, what do we know about where their relationship stands today?

Farmer Wants A Wife: Fox Revival Hoped To Carry On Successful Tradition

Globally, Farmer Wants A Wife is the most successful reality dating show out there. Some version of the show has aired in 32 countries, and the results speak for themselves. So far, people looking for love on the farm has been a major success, resulting in more than 200 successful marriages, as well as more than 500 children.

Leading up to the Season 2 finale of the show, the new cast would hopefully put a successful match in the win column for the rebooted American version. As longtime fans know, no couples from Season 1 stayed together in the end. So, the pressure was on heading into the final episode.

Farmer Wants A Wife: Brandon Rogers - Nathan Smothers
Farmer Wants A Wife: Brandon Rogers – Nathan Smothers

Farmer Nathan Smothers Has Faced A Lot Of Criticism This Season

All season long, farmer Nathan Smothers has faced a lot of criticism. Nathan is the youngest farmer this season, at 23 years sold. He may look a lot older, thanks to his longer hair and facial hair. However, many have called out his age, with many saying that someone his age is not ready to find a wife and settle down.

It turns out, Nathan Smothers is used to this kind of criticism, and he doesn’t let it phase him. Even among farmers, he is the young gun in an industry with a lot of older folk. Despite the odds stacked against him, Nathan is wise beyond his years, both in life and in love.

Nathan certainly loves to prove his doubters wrong. He knows what he wants out of life and love, and, even at his young age, he isn’t afraid to go after it and make it happen.

Nathan Smothers via iNsta

Farmer Wants A Wife: Are Nathan And Taylor Still Together?

When it came down to it in the Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2 finale, Nathan chose Taylor BeDell as his final pick. Still, just because Taylor made it all the way to the end and outlasted the other ladies, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she and Nathan are still an item. So, what do we know so far?

It turns out, both Nathan and Taylor are playing it coy. Nathan recently shared a majestic pic kissing Taylor, with the sunlight cascading through the shot. He also included the caption: “Tune in next week to see if Taylor and I are still together! #FarmerWantsAWife.”


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Even though Nathan Smothers didn’t give anything away officially in this recent update, the fact that he tagged Taylor in it, and the fact that they still follow each other on social media suggests that they are, in fact, still a couple. Of course, viewers won’t know for sure until the reunion episode airs, but, it’s safe to assume that these two are still an item.

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