‘DWTS’ Lindsay Arnold’s Toddler Causes Extensive Damage

Lindsay Arnold and her daughter Sage Cusick from Instagram

Every parent has had their share of horrendous experiences while raising a child. But Dancing With The Stars pro Lindsay Arnold just revealed that her oldest daughter recently caused extensive damage to their home.

So how much damage could one little girl actually cause? See what Lindsay shared with her TikTok audience.

Lindsay Arnold Details Her Daughter Sage’s Huge Mistake

Lindsay Arnold Cusick is the mother of two daughters, Sage and June. And although the dancer loves being a wife and mother, she recently revealed her toddler Sage accidentally caused extensive damage to their home in Utah.

Sam Cusick, Lindsay Arnold Cusick, Sage Cusick, and June Cusick from Lindsay's Instagram
Lindsay Arnold/Instagram

“Hope your week is going well 😅😂 but for real I know it could be so much worse than this so im def grateful 🫶 #houseflood #momsoftiktok #momlifebelike #momlife #momvibes #toddlersoftiktok #toddler” Lindsay captioned her TikTok.

“In case you’re having a bad day, let me tell you about how our house just flooded,” the mother of two shared in the video. She added that she understands things could be so much worse considering the state of the world.

“The other night, we came home and our entire kitchen and main floor area was flooded with like this much water,” Lindsay continued, using her hands to demonstrate that there was several inches of standing water in the house. She adds her husband Sam ran to check the basement, which also received extensive water damage.


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Apparently, the water on their street had been shut off earlier in the day. Lindsay and her husband believe their three-year-old daughter Sage went to get a glass of water and was confused that the water wasn’t turning on. Since she’s so young, she didn’t think to turn the spout back off.

The family went out to dinner to celebrate Lindsay’s mother’s birthday and the water turned back on while they were out. Sadly, that meant the water had been running for several hours.

The Pro Dancer Tries To Make The Best Out Of The Messy Situation

The home’s damage is pretty extensive. Lindsay shared that the floors will have to be replaced, as well as counters and kitchen islands. In the basement, the family will have to replace the insulation and ceiling.

“I haven’t ever liked our kitchen countertops so, maybe this happened for a reason. I can get new kitchen countertops,” the professional dancer joked.

Check out Lindsay Arnold’s full video here:

@lindsarnold Hope your week is going well 😅😂 but for real I know it could be so much worse than this so im def grateful 🫶 #houseflood #momsoftiktok #momlifebelike #momlife #momvibes #toddlersoftiktok #toddler ♬ original sound – Lindsay Arnold Cusick

Linday’s TikTok followers left plenty of encouraging words for the dancer, including:

  • “Just because other things are worse doesn’t make your bad any less valid❤️”
  • Sounds like Sage just wanted to remodel the kitchen and basement 😅”
  • You are so calm! I’m hyperventilating just thinking about this. I’m so sorry this happened to you! 😢”
  • Ugh. What a pain. Hopefully the renovation goes smoothly and quickly 💜”

Were you surprised to hear that three-year-old Sage managed to flood the entire home? Share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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  1. Poor Lindsey
    I was in a laundry mat around 40 years ago with my 2 children. My Son opened the front loader on a machine and flooded the laundry mat. I was so embarrassed but we cleaned it all up & have had quite a few laughs thru the years. Just another memory!

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