Angela Deem’s Teeth Freak Out Fans As She Goes On Unhinged Rant

Angela Deem - 90 day fiance

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem has been making headlines following her latest vlog. The 58-year-old went off and called out her haters amid her nasty situation with Michael Ilesanmi. Many were also surprised when she brought out Kimberly Menzies’s name and called her irrelevant and two-faced. But aside from her rants, many were also freaked out about her teeth. Keep reading to see why.

90 Day Fiance: Why Did Angela Deem Called Out Kimberly Menzies?

Angela previously took to TikTok to share her rants about getting betrayed. She believes that some of her friends turned their backs on her after following Michael on Instagram. One of them was Kimberly, who admitted that she only followed Michael to get a scoop about their current situation. The 90 Day Fiance star even took to social media to clarify that she doesn’t want any trouble with Angela.

Angela Deem From 90 Day Fiance, TLC, Sourced From 90 Day Fiancé YouTube
Angela Deem From 90 Day Fiance, TLC, Sourced From 90 Day Fiancé YouTube

Angela’s Recent Rant Has Fans Freaked Over Her Teeth

Some 90 Day Fiance fans react to a clip from Angela Deem’s controversial livestream. Many believe that she was under the influence of alcohol while calling out people.  However, what caught the attention of many was her teeth, which appeared to be giving her a hard time speaking. The dentures/implants looked like they were going to drop out of her mouth with every word. Angela Deem had 6-hour oral surgery done in 2022. She had a whole set of implants put in. She also promised she would quit smoking because of her rotted gums and teeth. Fans have seen Angela smoking and never seemed to give up the cigarettes, which could have led to teeth implant failure. Angela could have had dentures or veneers put in and that is why her teeth do not seem to be secured as she ranted.  Meanwhile, some commenters hope that Angela will soon get mental help before her behavior gets worse.


  • “Between them dentures and the alcohol (or whatever she’s on) she can barely get a word out right and it’s hilarious!”
  • Look like her mouth and lips fighting each other.”
  • Man she looks rough. Angela I hope you get the help you need hun.”
  • What the hell is going on with her teeth?? I know there is so much going on with her but her teeth are really throwing me off lol.”
  • Those dentures fighting for their life to stay in.”
  • Do her teeth not fit her?Seems like she has a problem talking.”

90 Day Fiance: How’s Angela Deem Today?

Despite all the controversies, Angela continues to stay positive in life. One of her latest IG posts was about her makeover session. “Look at my Queen royal treatment thank you @ruby_hairstylist19 your the best,” she captioned.



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The 90 Day Fiance star has also called out Michael Ilesanmi. He has yet to share his whereabouts since escaping from Angela after she allegedly tased him. It also appears that the Nigerian native is already on the path to moving on, and it may only be a matter of time before the two get divorced.

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