‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Alexis Floyd Gives Insight On Simone And Lucas

Alexis Floyd

Alexis Floyd, who plays Simone on Grey’s Anatomy, has recently given fans some insight into Simone and Lucas. Fans have wanted the two of them together. Now everyone is wondering if the two are going to reconnect or call it quits for good. Alexis wanted to go into detail about her character and the love interest of her fellow intern. Keep reading to find out more.

Grey’s Anatomy Gives Simone A Rough Episode

On the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Simone had a rough time. She was helping with a pregnant patient, Lauren. The patient was 39 weeks pregnant and was going to give birth to a beautiful baby. However, things took a turn when Lauren got a nosebleed. Her blood pressure started to skyrocket, and she then had a seizure. Dr. Wilson had to do an emergency c-section, but the baby was fine. However, Lauren then had more complications and Simone had to step in. When helping, she got a flashback of her mother dying on the table when she was giving birth to her. Simone had to step away from the table.

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Alexis Floyd Gives Fans Insight

Alexis Floyd does not think the storyline for Lucas and Simone is over and she recently gave fans some insight on it. 

“In my heart, their future, I think they belong together in some capacity. I actually do not know the details of that, but I think that the connection that they have is a pretty unique one. I think the things they have to teach each other are unique and specific to the two of them. So I’m excited for them to figure out how it works. And I imagine that they are not done facing obstacles towards their union, but I do believe on some level that they have a tremendous lot to give one another and to learn from one another. So my hopes for them are high.”

Alexis does not know for sure what the future holds for her character, but this is what she hopes happens.

Simone and Lucas Grey's Anatomy
Simone and Lucas Grey’s Anatomy

It seems Alexis does not know what is in store for her character and Lucas. However, she does think they have a special bond that should be shown more in the show. Fans agree with Alexis and want Simone and Lucas to get a fair chance at love. Simone has been struggling with letting go of the death of her mother when she is in the operating room. However, Alexis thinks Simone will find a way to navigate through that as well.

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