Craig Conover Addresses ‘Southern Charm’ Season 10 Rumors

Craig Conover

Craig Conover recently addressed and cleared up speculation about the tenth season of Southern Charm. Craig has matured tremendously since his first season of the show. Now he may get to return and show fans how he is now. There have been a lot of rumors and speculation going around about the new season of the show and Craig stepped in to clear some of it up. Keep reading to find out more.

Craig Conover Wants To Mend Friendship With Shep Rose

Fans have seen Craig Conover and Shep Rose get into it plenty of times. However, in the last season of Southern Charm, they had a fight that was a little deeper than the previous ones. Craig recently revealed that he would like to mend that friendship but on camera.

“You saw a portion of a much longer conversation. [There’s] not enough time in an episode. Shep and I — we’ve kept things surface level [since the reunion]. We go to the gym at the same time and we see each other, but I think that’s a big conversation [to continue on the show], asking, ‘How was his trip to Costa Rica? What did he take from it and how is he living his life now?’ We haven’t had that conversation yet. So if we come back, I think it’s gonna be something that I’m excited to get off my chest. I’m excited to have a friendship with Shep again.”

This shocked fans to hear as they were unsure the two of them would ever mend things.

Austen Kroll, Craig Conover, Whitney Sudler-Smith, Shep Rose-Instagram
Austen Kroll, Craig Conover, Whitney Sudler-Smith, Shep Rose-Instagram

What Rumors Did He Shut Down?

There were rumors going around online about the craziness of the show. 

“There’s tension between Austen [Kroll] & Craig. It may involve Paige [DeSorbo]. Craig had a ‘meltdown’ Saturday (unsure if related), Taylor [Ann Green] may or may not be OUT. Jarrett ‘JT’ Thomas, who now has a GF, is coming for Madison [LeCroy]’s husband, Brett [Randle].”

However, Craig shut this down.

“None of this is true.”

It is unknown where the relationships between the guys on the show stands. However, this may mean he does not have any issues with Austen. Also, he and Paige are doing great and see happier than ever. However, fans cannot rule out all the drama that will happen if a tenth season is in production.

Craig Conover-YouTube
Craig Conover-YouTube

It seems the rumors going around about what has taken place are not true and Craig is not afraid to make sure people know that. This leads fans to believe there is nothing going on between Austen and Craig. He also did not have a meltdown. The tenth season has still not been confirmed by Bravo. However, the cast has been seen filming which leads viewers to believe it will be returning. What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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