‘7 Little Johnstons’ Proof Liz Got Pregnant During Brice Split?

7 Little Johnstons: Liz Johnston

Recent 7 Little Johnstons scenes point to some major clues that Liz Johnston got pregnant while still broken up with Brice. So, what do recent scenes reveal regarding her pregnancy timeline?

7 Little Johnstons Fans Have Been Speculating All Season Long About Pregnancy Timeline

As 7 Little Johnstons fans keeping up with current social media updates know, Liz Johnston gave birth to her daughter with Brice Bolden in November of 2023. In current TLC episodes, viewers see Liz and Brice breaking up, as well as the aftermath of that split.

With everything going on in Liz Johnston’s storyline with Brice, as well as viewers knowing that Liz eventually gives birth to a baby girl, fans have been trying to piece together Liz’s pregnancy timeline all season long. Along with that, recent TLC scenes may have just given viewers a major clue.

7 Little Johnstons: Liz Johnston
7 Little Johnstons: Liz Johnston/YouTube

Liz Breaks The News That She And Brice Bolden Are Back Together

In 7 Little Johnstons scenes, Liz tells some of her siblings that she and Brice Bolden are back together. Their split drama has been a big part of Liz’s storyline this season on TLC. As social media followers know, Brice has been around for everything, including the birth of their daughter, Leighton Bolden.

Despite the issues the pair had in their 7 Little Johnstons relationship, they seem to be a happy family of three these days. If they are still having issues, you wouldn’t be able to tell from all of the happy family pics with their daughter. So, at least on the surface, everything seems to be in a good place for Liz and Brice right now.

7 Little Johnstons - Brice Bolden, Leighton, and Liz Johnston - Instagram
7 Little Johnstons – Brice Bolden, Leighton, and Liz Johnston – Instagram

7 Little Johnstons Scenes Show Proof That Liz Got Pregnant During Brice Split?

Not long after Liz broke the news that she and Brice got back together, she passed up on taking shots with the group while they were out eating, something that even Anna Johnston noticed. Liz usually has no problem knocking back shots. So, Anna found it “odd” that she would pass up on it while everyone was trying to have a good time.

Liz added that she didn’t want to go crazy and party because she didn’t want to feel “crappy.” However, connecting all the dots together, many viewers think she skipped out on catching a buzz for a completely different reason.

Liz and Brice - 7 Little Johnstons - TLC
Liz and Brice – 7 Little Johnstons – TLC

Liz broke the news to her siblings that she and Brice were back together. The fact that Liz didn’t take a shot of alcohol suggests that she didn’t partake because she already knew she was pregnant. Connecting both of those dots, this would put Liz getting pregnant at some point before officially announcing that she and Brice were back together, more than likely while they were broken up.

The 7 Little Johnstons theory that Liz got pregnant while broken up with Brice has been going around for some time. These recent clues in scenes certainly add more validity to that.

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