Nick Viall Trashes Bravo Star Jax Taylor

Nick Viall and Jax Taylor

Nick Viall recently slammed Jax Taylor. Jax is not a fan favorite on Bravo and a lot of fans think he is the most dramatic person. Nick has his podcast, The Viall Files. On this podcast, he is not afraid to speak his mind or hurt anyone’s feelings. Viall may be the next person to get locked by Taylor due to the things he said about him in a recent episode.

Jax Taylor Is Constant Drama

Jax Taylor is constantly starting drama. He is currently separated from his wife. One thing she has said about Jax is that she feels she has to raise him like her three-year-old son. That is not a compliment. Jax has also started drama between his friends due to his judgmental opinion of Kristen Doute wanting to have a child with her boyfriend Luke. He also does stupid things like pants his friends and upset their wives. Lisa Vanderpump is not the biggest fan of Jax Taylor either due to the drama he would start when working for her. Yikes.

Jax Taylor-YouTube
Jax Taylor-YouTube

Nick Viall Trashes Jax Taylor

Nick Viall has seen how Jax Taylor acts and recently gave his opinion about him.

 “I don’t think there’s anything that he wouldn’t do, every time Jax opens his mouth on this show, he thinks it’s a line, I think he just gives lines … And I don’t find him to be all that interesting or compelling.”

He was not afraid to say how he felt towards Jax. However, a lot of the fans agreed with his opinion. There is a lot that goes on with Jax. He recently trashed Vanderpump Rules at a bar and said it was scripted. This did not sit well with anyone on the show, especially Lisa. Without the show, he would not be who he is today. He has apologized since making that statement, but it did not mean much to fans or Lisa due to his past actions.

Nick Viall - The Bachelor - YouTube

It seems Nick is not impressed with Jax. Fans agree with what Nick said due to the constant drama Jax is starting. He was judgmental about Kristen wanting to have a baby, he is separated from his wife and is known for cheating. There is a lot that goes on in the Bravo community, but Jax is a lot of it. Do you agree or disagree with what Nick Viall had to say? Sound off in the comments below.

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