’90DF: Love In Paradise’ Kyle Gordy: Why He Adjusts Himself

Kyle Gordy

Kyle Gordy from 90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise has finally revealed why he adjusts himself on television. He is currently in the season with Anika. The two met online and he traveled to spend two weeks with her. However, he has made Anika think again when it comes to their relationship due to some things he does. One of the things is how he adjusts himself in public on their dates.

Kyle Gordy Has A Lot Of Children

Kyle Gordy is the biological father to over 70 children around the world. He does sperm donation to give people children who can’t have them on their own. Kyle does this in two different ways. He will either have actual sex with the person or he will have it in a cup where they insert it using a syringe. However, the thing is, he does not do this through a professional medical facility. He does it all under the table. Some of these things worry people due to the lack of professional help in the transaction. This is something Anika is having to get used to. Kyle was even on an episode of Dr. Phil due to how many children he had.

Kyle Gordy & Ani Philipp From 90 Day Fiance, Sourced From TLC YouTube
Kyle Gordy & Ani Philipp From 90 Day Fiance, Sourced From TLC YouTube

Why He Always Adjusts Himself

Anika noticed that Kyle was always adjusting himself down there in public. She finally asked him why he did it. 

“Because sitting down too much kills your sperm so I try to adjust them so they’re not, like, get overheated,”

Kyle also revealed that he does not normally wear underwear so things can stay “loose” down there. Anika was not impressed as she thought it was “crazy”. However, he went on to say more.

 “It’s professional, because they have the best count possible. The longer you sit it heats up your balls and that kills your sperm. I have to like, re-adjust so it doesn’t kill the balls,”

Kyle Gordy
Kyle Gordy

It seems that he has a professional reasoning behind him continuously adjusting himself on TV and in public. However, this seemed to rub Anika the wrong way. She has not seemed too impressed when it comes to Kyle and some of his mannerisms. Anika did not like how he slurped his food or the way he kept a point system. How is the relationship going to continue if she keeps finding things he does that she doesn’t like? What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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