Grayson And Savannah Chrisley Reveal Their Relationship Is Odd

Savannah And Grayson Chrisley

Grayson and Savannah Chrisley recently revealed that their relationship is odd. Savannah has become the legal guardian of her little brother, Grayson, and little sister, Chloe. This has been a big learning experience for all of them. She became their guardian because both of their parents are currently in federal prison for tax evasion and fraud. However, this has affected their relationship and they spoke out on it.

Grayson Chrisley Defends His Sister

Grayson Chrisley recently defended his sister to the haters on the Internet. 

“Yeah, because you’re a kid raising two kids, it pisses me off, is things you have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Everybody else thinks that you’re just sitting around, going out to nice dinners and going on vacation all the time.”

Savannah has had to take on a lot. Grayson does feel as though she is doing a good job for what she has had to take on. Savannah has been trying to get her parents out of prison and is updating fans along the way. She was hoping to have them out this Summer.

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Grayson and Savannah Chrisley Say Relationship Is Now Odd

Grayson and Savannah feel as though their relationship is now odd.

“No, it is because I still look at you as my sister, and then you tell me something and I’m like, ‘Who is she to tell me to do that?’ And then I remember you’re technically like my parent. Our relationship has changed. You’ve turned into more of the parent, like there’s certain things that I would do, for example, if you weren’t my parent, you would be like, ‘Go’. Considering the fact that you are my parent, you have a different outlook on it.”

Fans understand where he is coming from. Usually, you bicker with your siblings and do not have to obey their rules. However, the case is different with them as Savannah is the only parental figure they have at the moment. Grayson is enjoying his senior year but has been struggling to not have his parents there.

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It seems that they are still close, but the dynamic change has made it odd for them. Fans cannot blame them for feeling this way because it has been a big change for both of them. They are currently trying to get their parents out of prison. Grayson has been struggling after his parents’ appeal hearing but is keeping it together. How do you feel about the dynamic of their relationship? What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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