‘7 Little Johnstons’ Fans Appalled At Alex Johnston’s Behavior

Alex Johnston - TLC - Twitter

7 Little Johnstons star Alex Johnston struggles with his long-distance relationship with Allie Smith, and TLC fans are appalled by his behavior with her. In fact, most people suspect that she became impatient with him and broke it off. Read on to find out why fans are upset with Amber and Trent Johnston’s youngest son.

7 Little Johnstons Fans Think Allie Smith Dumped Her Boyfriend

TLC fans noticed that while Allie Smith was with Alex at the 2023 junior prom, she wasn’t seen in photos for the senior prom. Allie lives in Ohio, while Alex lives in Georgia and he hasn’t been dealing with the long-distance aspect very well. In a recent episode on 7 Little Johnstons, the TLC star spoke with his brother, Jonah who is also in a long-distance relationship. But, it didn’t seem to cheer him up much.

Alex Johnston Struggles With Long Distance Relationship - 7 Little Johnstons - TLC Twitter
Alex Johnston Struggles With Long Distance Relationship – 7 Little Johnstons – TLC Twitter

Alex Johnston seemed to be extremely emotional, despite not being a little kid anymore. Remember when Allie had to go home and he cried a lot of tears? Additionally, his mom, Amber claimed that he cried every single time they separated. Since then, TLC fans have become irritated and annoyed because he seems to be very demanding of his girlfriend.

Alex Johnston Appalls Critics

In the latest episode of the show, Allie and her boyfriend clashed because he felt terribly upset that she read his texts but didn’t reply immediately. On Reddit, an OP expressed their irritation, saying:

Is it just me or is Alex a spoiled little brat? The most recent episode he was having issues because he wasn’t receiving enough attention from his girlfriend (Ally) and he was complaining and apparently arguing and starting fights with her over it. Apparently, she broke it off with him. Alex mentioned that when he would text her and he could tell that she had read his text message and wouldn’t respond all day long that it was “a slap in his face”… Meanwhile she’s in college and she has a life somewhere else. They’re both so young….

Alex Johnston With Allie Smith - Instagram
Alex Johnston With Allie Smith – Instagram

The 7 Little Johnstons critic also claimed that Alex Johnston seemed “socially awkward,” and often had temper tantrums as a child. In the comments, TLC fans differed in their opinions. Some of them felt it was wrong to attack children on social media. However, others agreed that he seemed spoiled and sulky.

  • The answer is Yes! He is spoiled! Amber spoiled the sh-t out of him…always babied him!
  • I recently watched an episode where they go to an amusement park and Alex has a melt down over riding a splash mountain type ride. He was probably 10 at the time of filming. I was shocked his parents let him continue to cry. He’s the biggest cry baby.
  • Kid needs to realize she’s done with him hes way to possessive and she’s has enough cue the water works 😂.
  • Doesn’t allies family farm? That girl is busy and needs some room to breath!!!

What are your thoughts about Alex Johnston? Are you appalled by his behavior? Or, do you think that he’s just a typical teenager going through a lot of emotional stuff? Is he spoiled by Amber and Trent? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your 7 Little Johnstons news.

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  1. Oh please. If she puts up with his craziness she’s as bad as he is. Grow up! If you’re going to have a long distance romance then you have to act more mature. He should have been put in his place a long time ago. He’ll lose that girl and wonder why since no one one made him act appropriately as he was growing up…

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