‘LPBW’ Zach Roloff Breaks Silence On Relationship With Matt

Little People Big World: Zach Roloff - Matt Roloff

With the Little People Big World Season 25 finale approaching, Zach Roloff breaks his silence on where things stand with his dad, Matt Roloff amid the botched Roloff Farms deal and the resulting fractured relationship. So, what does Zach have to say?

Little People Big World: TLC Has Been Milking Farm Drama

For some time now, TLC has banked on the botched Roloff Farms deal between Matt Roloff and his sons. That failed deal may have been terrible for family relations, but, it has been a goldmine for the network in terms of a dramatic storyline that writes itself.

TLC is famous for having cast members go over scenes more than once to get the most dramatic take, which is the one that typically makes it to the air. For fans who have been complaining that Little People Big World has gotten boring, this family rift has been just what the doctor ordered to keep the drama going.

Little People Big World: Matt Roloff
Little People Big World: Matt Roloff/YouTube

LPBW: Zach Roloff And Tori Roloff Have Done What They Can To Distance Themselves

Zach and Tori literally put distance between themselves and Matt Roloff when they moved their Little People Big World family to Battle Ground, Washington. It’s clear that this was an attempt to do their own thing out from under Matt’s shadow, but, many viewers also saw this move as a not-so-subtle dig at Matt Roloff.

Between the failed farm deal, moving away, and now quitting Little People Big World, Zach and Tori have made it abundantly clear that they want nothing to do with the show moving forward. Whether or not the fractured family relationship between Zach and Matt will ever heal is still a big question that viewers have.

Little People Big World - Tori and Zach Roloff - TLC YouTube
Little People Big World – Tori and Zach Roloff – TLC YouTube

Little People Big World: Zach Roloff Opens Up About Where Things Stand With Matt Roloff

In spoilers for the Little People Big World Season 25 finale, Zach opens up about a lot of things. He talks about the future, as well as where things stand with his dad, Matt Roloff, amid the family rift that has been playing out in TLC scenes.

Zach Roloff says in teasers: “The farm was part of my life, and it’s not going to be part of our kids’ lives the same way it was mine.”

Speaking of where things stand with Matt, and whether or not things could potentially improve in the future, Zach says: “When it comes to my dad, that ship has all sailed. There’s not much of a relationship, just doing our own thing. Time might even it out, but everything will be healed, it just, it will be different.”

As longtime Little People Big World fans know, a lot of time passes between when a season films and when a season airs. With Zach and Tori quitting the show, the future of the franchise up in the air. Fans wonder if Zach and Matt have healed at all since.

Whether or not things have healed and how much is certainly a big question as the Little People Big World Season 25 finale approaches.

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  1. I think Zach needs to stay on the show as long as possible for the income…..he has a family of 5 to support with a wife who does not work outside the home. I doubt their podcast will be that succesfull for long because they just are not that interesting. I also think Tori needs to stay out of the relationship between Matt & Zach.

    1. As Karen needs to stay away as well. She’s the reason it all went so bad. It should have been Matt and Zach alone from the beginning. Same thing happened with Jeremy. It should have been Dad and sons. Not Karen and Tori would have been ok staying away but she didn’t because Karen was there and she wasn’t married to Matt. Tori isn’t the reason for the troubles. It’s Karen.

  2. Agreed Tori is so hateful. She’s the brain behind Zach and his father problems. I hate her for this reason. Matt Rolloff is a super hard working man, despite his disability, Zach and Tori just want to get everything for free. they are very selfish and lack

  3. Caryn is the trouble maker. I am sure she was after him when he was married, money grubber. The hostility is because Amy and I’m sure the kids were aware of her. Zach and Tori have every right to feel the way they do..

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