Would Tyler Cameron Take It All Off For Money?

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Bachelor Nation fans have wanted to see Tyler Cameron in the buff for a long time. Would he consider it for the right amount of money? Keep reading to find out what the former model said on the topic.

Would Tyler Cameron Take It All Off For Money?

Tyler Cameron had the internet in an uproar earlier this month when he joined OnlyFans. The adults-only website offers NSFW photos and videos for the right price. Former Real Housewives star Denise Richards rakes in millions of dollars a month from her subscribers.

The former Bachelorette star could net a similar payday. But alas, it was only an April Fool’s Day joke that doubled as a promotion for his new Amazon Prime show.

But would Tyler Cameron ever consider taking it all off on OnlyFans for money? That seems unlikely at the moment. If he ever needed money, he could take ABC up on their offer to be the next Bachelor.

Credit: Tyler Cameron Instagram
Credit: Tyler Cameron Instagram

According to The Mirror, the reality star recently said, “I don’t think [OnlyFans] is truly in the cards for me.” Why not?

He said that he’s focusing on building his construction company right now. Tyler also hopes to be a football coach someday and doesn’t think players or their parents would look kindly on a coach with an OnlyFans account. Teachers all over the country have been fired in recent years after joining the naughty site.


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Shows A New Side Of Himself On New Show

Tyler Cameron has temporarily hung up his reality show hat and replaced it with a construction hard hat. Going Home With Tyler Cameron documents the former model starting his own construction business. One of his projects is renovating his late mother’s house in Jupiter, Florida.

All eight episodes of the series are now streaming on Amazon Prime. In addition to his construction business, the show gives insight into his personal life. Several of his Bachelor Nation friends make cameos, including Hannah Brown.

He did admit that he’s been offered quite a bit of money to take his clothes off on OnlyFans. However, that’s not what he wants in his life. “It’s more about the forward progression. And how do I make the biggest impact in my communities and such and stuff like that,” he said about his goals.

Do you think Tyler Cameron could join OnlyFans someday or will he fulfill his dream to be a football coach? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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