How Chris Combs Catered To Four- Twenty Crowd

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Chris Combs shared details about his Cameo account over the weekend that seemed to be “420” friendly. The 1000-Lb. Sisters star wrote the information in a note on his phone and shared the screenshot on his Instagram Story over the weekend. Keep reading to see what he shared and why people think it may be 420-related.

Chris Combs Offers 420 Discounts For His Cameo

Like a number of other TLC stars, Chris Combs has a Cameo account where people can pay him to make videos or even appearances. On Saturday, April 20, he shared a screenshot of a note on his phone detailing discounts for the stoner holiday.

The note was titled “Cameo 4/20 ideas.” There were three line items underneath. The first said “42 cameos $0” and it was marked out. The next “4 cameos $20” was also struck through. Then, the third line read “20 cameos 4 $20.” At the bottom of the Instagram Story, he shared the link information for his Cameo profile.

Chris Combs' 420 deal - Instagram
Instagram/Chris Combs

While it isn’t clear what the “420” Cameos would entail, Chris Combs definitely targeted a certain demographic with his offer.

More recently, Chris Combs has been making headlines with his jaw-dropping transformation. His doctor shared a snapshot of him crossing the finish line of a 5K race, something he never thought he’d be able to do.

The Transformation Of The 1000-Lb. Sisters Family Is Amazing

Inspired by his sisters, Amy and Tammy Slaton, he has lost more than 150 pounds through bariatric surgery and a lot of hard work. A couple of weeks ago, he shared a photo of himself and his grandchildren on Instagram, and his followers were shocked at how great he looked.

The photo, which showed Chris Combs holding three of his grandkids, got a lot of positive feedback from fans. He captioned the post, “Nothing better than grand kids.”

Chris Combs and grandkids - Instagram
Instagram/Chris Combs

Fans took to the comment section to let Chris know how great he looks. “Great pic. You look [amazing],” one person commented. “What a beautiful treasure! You look amazing by the way. Happy Easter (belated ) to you and your family,” another wrote. A third chimed in, “Love it! You’re looking great, all of you.”

Tammy Slaton has had the most success out of the family in her weight loss. The 1000-Lb. Sisters star has lost more than 400 pounds on her journey to a healthier life. She frequently opens up about her life and shares information with fans on TikTok.

Late last year, she moved in with her brother Chris Combs after having trouble getting along with her sister Amanda. She is still living with Chris and has revealed that she doesn’t have enough money to live on her own. It is assumed that Tammy has spent all of her money on weight loss surgery and rehab.

TLC has not yet revealed when the next season of 1000-Lb. Sisters will air, but there have been some hints that filming is underway. For now, fans will have to continue to keep up with the family on social media.

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