’90 Day Fiance’ Chantel Everett Professional Injector?

90 Day Fiance: Chantel Everett

90 Day Fiance fans might be wondering what Chantel Everett is doing when she’s not twerking on national TV or going out in public without panties. Pedro Jimeno’s ex recently showed off her fancy job title. So, what is it?

90 Day Fiance: Chantel Everett Living A New Chapter Following Pedro Jimeno Split

As longtime 90 Day Fiance fans will remember, Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno’s split was a huge part of their The Family Chantel spinoff storyline. Many fans know that this split was a long time coming, it just took years to finally come to a head.

Pedro Jimeno’s relationship with Chantel’s family was a major part of their storyline for years. However, now that Pedro is out of the picture, fans are getting a glimpse of Chantel without Pedro around, and she is enjoying this newfound freedom that she has had ever since finally splitting and going their separate ways.

Chantel Everett From 90 Day Fiance, TLC, Sourced From @chantel_j_ Instagram
Chantel Everett From 90 Day Fiance, TLC, Sourced From @chantel_j_ Instagram

TLC Celeb Finding Herself On The Single Life

The Single Life has turned into the spinoff for cast members to switch to when their main 90 Day Fiance relationships don’t work out. Fans have seen this with cast members like Big Ed Brown, Natalie Mordovtseva, and even Debbie Johnson, who wasn’t a main character in the franchise initially.

After everything that happened between Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno, it was a no-brainer for TLC to bring Chantel back for The Single Life scenes. This is also the first time in years that Chantel is experiencing life without Pedro in the picture. So, it’s things like this that will for sure keep viewers tuning in.

Chantel Everett-YouTube
Chantel Everett-YouTube

90 Day Fiance: Chantel Everett Flaunts Her Fancy Career Title

When Chantel is not dressing up in fancy outfits or showing off her assets, she has a successful career outside of the 90 Day Fiance universe. One of the things that viewers say of a lot of TLC cast members is for them to get a “real job.” In Chantel’s case, she has one.

Chantel Everett lists herself as both an RN and something else that puzzled fans, a “nurse injector.” Many viewers had a field day with this one.

  • One 90 Day Fiance fan wrote: “what is she injecting nurses with?”
  • Another TLC commenter said: “Going from reality show toxin to botulism toxin. You go girl!”
90 Day Fiance: Chantel Everett
90 Day Fiance: Chantel Everett

As many 90 Day Fiance fans might be wondering, what is a nurse injector? A nurse injector administers injections to patients, typically of the cosmetic variety like Botox and lip fillers. This is an ideal career path for Chantel, with many 90 Day Fiance fans even joking about her injecting herself.

As a career, however, this is nothing to laugh at. According to ZipRecruiter, the top earners in the field can pull in as much as $136k a year. Even the lower end of the field allows for people to make more than $57k a year, which is also nothing to laugh at.

For all the fans telling cast members to get a “real job,” Chantel certainly has one, and a good-paying one to boot.

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