Jason Kelce Dishes On Young Daughter’s Favorite Taylor Swift Tune

Jason Kelce

Travis Kelce isn’t the only fan of Taylor Swift based on the most recent admission from his older brother, Jason Kelce. It turns out, Jason’s young daughter is also a huge Swiftie, and, he recently spilled the tea on her favorite Taylor Swift song. So, what did he have to say?

Jason Kelce Officially Retired From The NFL

Jason Kelce officially announced his retirement from the NFL at the beginning of March. Kelce spent his entire NFL career with the Philadelphia Eagles, and he was the heart and soul of the teams he was on. Kelce retired following a hall-of-fame career.

Jason Kelce put together an impressive career on the gridiron by the time things were all said and done. He has Super Bowl hardware, as well as a long list of other accolades to his credit. He even competed against his younger brother, Travis Kelce, in the Super Bowl. Jason may have lost that game, but, not many people can say they competed against their younger brother on football’s biggest stage.

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Jason Kelce Has Been Making The Most Of Retirement

After 13 physically demanding years in an NFL uniform, Jason Kelce officially hung it up. While he may miss suiting up and going out on the field to do battle, one thing that retirement has allowed him to do is spend more time doing other things.

For one, Jason Kelce showed up at WrestleMania 40 in a surprise appearance. The WWE has had a long history of getting the biggest sports names into the ring. Now that Jason Kelce is retired, he certainly has more time to do things like this.

Philadelphia Eagles Legend Dishes On Daughter’s Favorite Taylor Swift Song

One of the other things that retirement allows Jason Kelce to do is spend more time with his family. Kelce has three daughters. Now that he doesn’t have to devote countless hours to strength, conditioning, and watching game film, Kelce can focus on being a dad.

It turns out, the other branch of the Kelce family also consists of big fans of Taylor Swift. Swift has officially become part of the Kelce family since Travis Kelce started dating the megastar. According to Jason, his daughter, Wyatt, is a huge Taylor Swift fan.


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Jason Kelce recently dished on what his young daughter’s favorite Taylor Swift song is. Shake It Off is the winner. Jason spilled that gem while filming an episode of the podcast he does with Travis, called New Heights.

It’s safe to say that the entire Kelce family has become Swifties, particularly since Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been dating. Now that Jason Kelce is retired and enjoying said retirement, he has more time to listen to his daughter’s favorite Taylor Swift song with her, too.

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