O.J. Simpson Died Owing Ron Goldman’s Family $114 Million

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When O.J. Simpson died, it left a lot of polarizing feelings around those who knew him. Some mourned and others seemed happy to see him gone. However, one family felt nothing for his passing but is still angry that he didn’t follow through with a court order against him. Ron Goldman’s family said that Simpson never paid the judgment ruled against him.

Here is what the family said after Simpson’s death and what they plan to do to get the money.

O.J. Simpson Never Paid Ron Goldman’s Family After Lawsuit

In 1994, someone murdered Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown-Simpson. Police arrested Nicole’s estranged husband O.J. Simpson and he went on trial for the murders. The jury found Simpson not guilty. However, Ron Goldman’s family brought a civil suit against O.J. and had other evidence the criminal court didn’t allow. As a result, Goildman’s family won the civil suit.


In 1997, the civil courts found O.J. liable in a wrongful death lawsuit. The judge ordered Simpson to pay $33.5 million to Goldman’s family. However, David Cook, who represents Ron’s father, Fred Goldman, said O.J. didn’t pay hardly any of the judgment (via PEOPLE). According to the New York Post, Simpson had only paid the family $133,000 since the 1997 trial.

OJ Simpson from Fullsend Podcast, sourced from YouTube
OJ Simpson from Fullsend Podcast, sourced from YouTube

With interest accruing every day since the judgment, the $33.5 million has turned into $114 million. O.J. spent nine years in prison for another crime, so there was nothing that could be done at that time about the money owed to Goldman’s family. He got out of prison in 2017 but ended up diagnosed with cancer, dying in 2024. He never paid what the courts ordered.

Ron Goldman’s Family Seeking O.J. Simpson’s Trusts

Some might think that O.J. Simpson’s original criminal and civil trials, and his fall from grace, wiped out his net worth. Nine years in prison toward the end of his life also likely hurt what money he had. O.J.’s net worth when he died was not enough to pay back Ron Goldman’s family.

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When he died, O.J. Simpson had a net worth of around $3 million. This is much less than the $114 million that Goldman’s family says he owed them before his death. Despite this, Goldman’s family is setting out to find out who Simpson’s money goes to after his death to “determine what can be done.”

“He died without penance,” Cook said. “He did not want to give a dime, a nickel to Fred, never, anything, never.” When it comes to getting money from the people set to receive Simpson’s trust, Cook said it is all about what Fred Goldman wants. For now, Fred said Simpson’s death is just a reminder to him of the loss of his son.

Are you surprised that O.J. Simpson never paid Ron Goldman’s family what he owed them following the civil suit? Do you think they will get the money from his trust? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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