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Former Hallmark favs Carlos PenaVega and Alexa PenaVega have now moved over to Great American Pure Flix. What is the couple’s first movie at their new network? Moreover, what are their future plans?

Here are the latest details.

Hallmark Photo: Alexa PenaVega, Carlos PenaVega Credit: ©2022 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Fred Hayes
Hallmark Photo: Alexa PenaVega, Carlos PenaVega Credit: ©2022 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Fred Hayes

Alexa & Carlos PenaVega Signs With Great American Media

On Thursday, former Hallmark darlings Alexa PenaVega and Carlos PenaVega shocked romcom world by signing with GAF and announcing a Great American Pure Flix movie.

According to Deadline, Carlos and Alexa PenaVega’s first movie with their new network is Mr. Manhattan. This will start streaming on May 24.

Bill Abbott, President & CEO of Great American Media welcomed the pair to the network. The former Hallmark CEO also gave fans a sneak peek into the future as well.

Carlos and Alexa are audience favorites and so beloved for their commitment to family on and off the screen, which is the foundation of Mr. Manhattan.

And we are excited about a number of additional projects in development with these two enormously talented actors.

Although Abbott did not elaborate on the “additional projects,” he revealed that they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Great American Pure Flix is the streaming component of GAF.

What Is Mr. Manhattan About?

Carlos PenaVega and Alexa PenaVega are starring in a new movie called Mr. Manhattan. What is this movie about? Here is what this movie is about.

“Mason Bradley makes a promise to his brother and sister-in-law to be godfather to their newborn son (and future children). Mason has exciting news of his own: he’s just been accepted to Columbia Law School, which comes as a shock to his fiancée, Dani.”

However, 10 years later, Mason and Dani have broken up. But, Mason loves living in the big city. Moreover, he is close to making partner.

“Just when Mason feels personal success is at hand, he receives an unimaginable call. His brother and sister-in-law have tragically been killed in a car accident. Mason is now a single father with two children.”

How does Mason rebuild his life now? He may be forced to make some sacrifices.


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Great American Pure Flix Welcome Carlos And Alexa

On Thursday, Great American Pure Flix posted on Instagram, “We’re so excited to announce that @therealcarlospena and @veegaalexa will star in their first movie for Great American Pure Flix, ‘Mr. Manhattan,’ premiering on May 24th! 💙”

Carlos PenaVega and Alexa PenaVega fans will you be tuning in to Great American Pure Flix to see Mr. Manhattan on May 24?

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