’90 Day Fiance’ Nicole Nafziger Slammed For Faking Azan’s Death

90 Day Fiance Nicole Nafziger - YouTube/tlc uk

Nicole Nafziger is under fire following her latest Instagram post. The photo and caption seemed to imply that her ex Azan Tefou was dead, but fans uncovered the truth. The 90 Day Fiance alum is known for click-bait posts, but fans are stunned that she’d stoop as low as to fake a death. Here is what her post said and how fans are reacting.

Nicole Nafziger Fakes Azan Tefou’s Death

Fans first met Nicole during Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance. She was featured alongside Azan Tefou and the pair were set to get married. However, their relationship was confusing for many viewers.

At one point, Azan body-shamed Nicole and he neglected to show her any kind of affection. During their time on 90 Day Fiance, they canceled their wedding three times. They finally announced that they decided to go their separate ways in July 2021.

Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou - YouTube/tlc uk
YouTube/tlc uk

Nicole Nafziger recently posted a screenshot of herself and Azan from 90 Day Fiance on her Instagram. She captioned the photo with “#RIP,” leading many people to believe that Azan Tefou had died. The #LinkInBio told a different story though.

The link associated with the post led to an article about celebrities who people will remember fondly in 2023. She quickly disabled comments on the post, realizing that she may have made a mistake. Later, she removed the post entirely.

Fans Slam The 90 Day Fiance Star For Clickbait Posts

That has not stopped fans from slamming her for implying Azan was dead. One Instagram user commented on a separate post, “Haven’t you heard the story of the boy who cried wolf.” Then, the user proceeded to tell her that one day Nicole would really be grieving or celebrating and no one would care because she shares so many fake posts.

Another person wrote to Nicole, “Disturbing clickbait, def gaining negative karma from that one.” A third person called the 90 Day Fiance star “desperate for cash.”


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A fourth follower recalled another time Nicole Nafziger was under fire for a similar situation. Hasn’t she learned her lesson, they asked. “I thought she would have learnt her lesson when she did the whole fake pregnancy announcement in 2021 then she gonna hop on here in 2024 and do the same thing she should be ashamed,” they wrote.

It’s true that Nicole has become known for her clickbait posts. She previously revealed that she worked for a company that shared posts for her. One post alluded to her being pregnant with twins, which turned out to not be true. Another implied that fellow 90 Day Fiance cast member Angela Deem was in need of prayers.

She makes money any time someone clicks through on one of her links. While she stopped posting them for a while, it is possible that she’s in need of cash again and is back to posting the predatory website links.

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