‘Bachelor’ No Peace For Sean Lowe Says He ‘Wants Out Of House’

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Bachelor Sean Lowe has been a big part of Bachelor Nation for years. He and his wife Catherine Giudici Lowe are huge fan favorites. Everyone loves Sean and his family, especially his humor. While some of his posts are serious, he is usually cracking jokes and making fans laugh. In a new video he shared, it seems he just can’t find any peace and really wants out of the house. What is going on now in the Lowe home? Keep reading to find out more.

Sean Lowe Needs Some Peace

Bachelor Nation loves Sean Lowe and sometimes some fans actually take his sarcastic humor seriously. Most others know he’s always positive and always smiling. He loves to joke around.

In his latest video on Instagram, Sean admits he wants out of the house. What happened? Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici have three children. Their son Isaiah lost his first tooth. Unfortunately, Catherine was not home when this big milestone happened so He said she was so bummed she wouldn’t be there to see him put his first tooth under the pillow so Sean documented it all for her.

He said, “I tried to be a good, supportive husband and record it all so she wouldn’t feel like she missed out.” Sean tells Isaiah that he and Catherine love him so much and that he is getting so big.

A man, woman and three kids.

Sean then shows in the video how he says Catherine repaid his kindness the next morning.

Catherine is recording Isaiah walking with his tooth fairy money trying to find Sean to show him. He finds him with Catherine’s help. He is sitting on the toilet. Sean quickly grabbed the door and pulled it close. He noted that Catherine knew full well what he was doing.


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Sean captioned the video saying, “I’ve gotta get out of this house.”

They Are Always Having Fun

Sean Lowe and his family have a lot of fun together. He keeps fans entertained with his videos and stories. He and Catherine fit together perfectly. Like everyone they have been through some crazy times but they manage to stay positive or at least it appears so on social media.

Fans can’t get enough of this adorable Bachelor family.

What do you think about Sean’s latest video and Catherine’s revenge?

Stay tuned for more updates on all your favorites.

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