‘American Idol’ Jelly Roll Cries As He Shares Heartbreak

Jelly Roll

American Idol took the show on the road to Hawaii as the judges continue to narrow down the number of contestants. However, it wasn’t all carefree vibes and catching waves for Jelly Roll, as the Save Me singer was in tears. So, what happened?

American Idol Took The Show On The Road To Hawaii

Ryan Seacrest, Luke Bryan, and the rest of the American Idol crew took the show on the road to beautiful Hawaii. It’s not a bad day at the office when you get to work from Disney’s Aulani Resort & Spa. However, it wasn’t all good vibes, as they still have the job of continuing to narrow down the contestant pool.

Narrowing down the contestants is always a hard job. Sometimes, the smallest of details can mean the difference between making it to the next level and being sent home. Participants have to bring their A-game every single time, as the slightest mistake can make or break their chances of taking the American Idol stage in front of a live audience.

Ryan Seacrest and Mayim Bialik / YouTube

Jelly Roll Joins In As A Guest Mentor And Performer

Another superstar that was on hand at the Hawaiian resort was none other than Jelly Roll. The Son of a Sinner hitmaker stopped in as a guest mentor and performer. Considering the kind of meteoric rise that Jelly Roll has had, it wasn’t all that long ago that he was in a similar place as these hopefuls.

Fans love Jelly Roll. His success story is one that millions of people can relate to. He may be packing arenas and selling out shows nowadays, but, he is humble, and he never forgets where he came from. This is exactly the kind of authenticity that resonates, and he brought this with him when he took on a mentoring role.

Jelly Roll - Bunnie Xo
Jelly Roll – Bunnie Xo/YouTube

Jelly Roll In Tears As He Relives Heartbreak

The often jovial Jelly Roll broke down in tears while mentoring 19-year-old Mia Matthews. The young singer dedicated her song to her late father, and this really struck a chord with Jelly.

In tears, Jelly Roll said to Mia Matthews: “I lost my father in 2019. So brave of you to pick that song. It’s probably the single hardest experience I’ve ever had.” Jelly Roll went on to add: “Thanks for making me cry. I hate you.”

Mia Matthews delivered a stirring performance of Daddy’s Hands that pulled at the heartstrings of many, including Jelly Roll.

The American Idol Top 20 this season will be revealed Sunday during a three-hour episode on ABC. With a performance like the one Mia Matthews delivered, it would be surprising if that performance alone doesn’t guarantee her a spot in the Top 20.

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