‘WCTH’: Elizabeth’s New Haircut Signifies ‘Real Change In Her Life’

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WCTH Season 10 ended with a shocking cliffhanger. That is in addition to Elizabeth dumping Lucas at the train station. That explosive ending has seemed to set up a new chain of events. Now, Season 11 entered with a whole different surprise. Elizabeth Thornton has cut her hair. Elizabeth bobbed her hair!

Erin Krakow recently revealed why this is a symbolic move for her character. What did she have to say?

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WCTH Writers Wanted To Show Elizabeth Opening Up To Change

WCTH Season 11 just premiered on Sunday. Most of all, it seemed to kick off a new path for Hope Valley’s school teacher Elizabeth Thornton. It all started with her pal Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) and a pair of shears.

According to Erin Krakow, who recently spoke to People, this was intentional. Erin, who is an executive producer of the Hallmark series, along with the show’s writers, wanted to kick off the season with a major change.

We were trying to figure out a story that would illustrate Elizabeth’s desire to create some real change in her life.

She elaborated more to the “infinite possibilities” that will open up for the Hallmark show’s main character.

She’s open to infinite possibilities. And so we went back and forth with a few ideas, but the haircut felt like something that was so visual and so bold for Elizabeth that it would be just something new for our viewers to get to see.

When Elizabeth tells her friend she is ready for a change, Rosemary is thrilled. When she was sitting in the chair, ready to be shorn, Elizabeth confirmed she was happy to dump Lucas (Chris McNally). Furthermore, she was confident that cutting off her hair was the right decision.

I am, and I know I made the right decision. I’m so grateful that everyone who matters to me is safe.

With that final statement, Rosemary got the deed done. Now, Elizabeth is ready for her future.


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Elizabeth And Nathan Are Headed For A Big Romance

WCTH Season 11 is going to be all about Elizabeth and Nathan’s big romance. He is going to be shirtless in at least one scene, and there promises to be a big ol’ kiss. That is a first for Kevin McGarry’s character. He has not kissed anyone in Hope Valley, at least not on screen.


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Don’t miss When Calls The Heart Season 11, Episode 2, entitled “Tomorrow Never Knows.” There is going to be a big surprise birthday party for none other than Nathan. Who is planning it?

WCTH fans, what did you think of the premiere episode? Did you feel that Elizabeth’s new hairdo signified a change in the Hallmark series?

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  1. So disappointed in the new direction of the show. Didn’t see Barbie & sure won’t now. This is sad

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