Kim Zolciak Deemed ‘Creepy’ After New Photo

Kroy Biermann, Kim Zolciak-Facebook

Kim Zolciak is being deemed “creepy” after the latest photo she posted started to circulate. Some have said she does not even look like herself but what is so scary? Has she changed that much and what is so drastically altered? Keep reading for more details.

Kim Zolciak Deemed ‘Creepy’ After New Photo

Since viewers first met Kim Zolciak as a single parent on Bravo’s RHOA, she has changed dramatically. She has upgraded her wigs and her face is completely altered. The reality personality is not even the same person she was back in the day when she was trying to get by in her townhome. Yes, she wanted to live lavishly but she was just an eccentric mother of two who chain-smoked and had a sugar daddy. Now, she is over one million dollars in debt and has four additional children.

Kim Zolciak/RHOA/YouTube
Kim Zolciak-YouTube

In the midst of her divorce from Kroy Biermann, Kim posted herself getting rejuvenated at a plastic surgeon’s office. She had gotten some injections and fillers which shocked fans considering her financial situation. Shortly thereafter, her daughter, Brielle Biermann’s Range Rover was repossessed. This is the second car in the family to suffer that fate and the sale price of their Georgia mansion keeps dropping.


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If they can sell it then it won’t be foreclosed on and, so far, the bank has been very kind to Kim and Kroy. Unfortunately, a photo of Kim has been circulating from her Instagram stories, and fans are terrified by it. More so, a Reddit thread was started to discuss Kim Zolciak’s alterations:

  • If Jim Carey the mask and the purge mask combined….she is getting her karma
  • I second someone else’s comment. I don’t even feel right commenting on this. It’s creeping me out.
  • What’s going on with her lip and cheek? But she looks younger. Looks like she is melting tho.
  • Mouth looks like the weird AI smile Facetune puts on pics.
Kim Zolciak-Instagram
Kim Zolciak-Instagram

Followers felt that this was her karma for allegedly scamming people out of money. Yet, there was more.

Who Is This Woman?

Along with harsh critique of Kim Zolciak, several Redditors had no clue who she was. They kept asking in the comments who it was in the since-deleted photo.

Amanda Lauren


  1. I think she looks worn out! With financial troubles 4 children a always wondering if you might come home and you don’t have one. I believe she has an addictive personality. That’s why so much gambling and body enhasments.

  2. He can’t stay out of the limelight . It’s in his DNA . Sad. You are a failure. When you face the truth of what you have done to yourself, family and society. You will finally get it. We ALL know that’s not happening. It’s called Super Ego! Study psychology. You narcissistic hungry man!

  3. I wish she’d just go away and take the Kardashians with her. I remember when we made celebrities out of people who actually did something to deserve fame

  4. I agree, Lynda! Enough is enough ; where is she getting the money to have work done to her face.
    GO away, accept what has happened to you and move on! I feel really bad for the children, such a miserable mess! Sad, it is to me.

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