Are Stacey Silva & Florian Headed To ‘90 Day: The Last Resort’ S2?

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Are Stacey Silva and her husband of four years, Florian Sukaj headed to Season 2 of 90 Day: The Last Resort? A suspected cast list was released a short time ago. In that list, there were four couples but speculation about a woman. Could this person be Stacey? Keep reading for more details.

Are Stacey Silva & Florian Headed To 90 Day: The Last Resort S2?

When Florian Sukaj finally made it over to America after a several-year courtship, Stacey Silva was thrilled. Due to the pandemic, they got married outside, just the two of them, late at night. They did end up having their dream wedding with family and friends in attendance. During their marriage, they had some struggles as she was a sugar mama and it appeared he had been unfaithful.

90 Day Fiance Stacey Silva Florian Sukaj-YouTube
Florian Sukaj, Stacey Silva-YouTube

Yet, he really loved and embraced her and her twin sister, Darcey Silva no matter what they did. At the end of last year, Darcey tied the knot with her on-again-off-again fiance, Georgi Rusev. Unfortunately, rumors have been flying that they are not happy together. So, when the rumored Season 2 The Last Resort cast list was released, it looked like Darcey was on it.

Darcey Silva, Georgi Rusev-YouTube
Darcey Silva, Georgi Rusev-YouTube

So far, it seems that Jasmine Pineda/Gino Palazzolo, Sophie Sierra/ Rob Warne, Biniyam Shibre/Ariela Weinberg, and Brandon Gibbs/Julia Trubkina are the official cast. However, a woman was spotted with this description by a Redditor who saw them filming in Arizona:

  • Then on my last day I saw those 4 lingering in the same area with Binyam (I think), Jasmine and Gino AND some blonde with a cowgirl hat and really big lips. Who do you think that was? I couldn’t see her face it was 40% hat, 10%hair, and 50% lips.

It was questioned if that was Nikki Exotika or Darcey. Now, it seems that it was Stacey Silva, according to Monsters & Critics. A video was shared on Twitter/X of a few of them, including Stacey and Florian, allegedly filming the show.

To make it clear, Nikki Exotika let the world know she was not on the spinoff and was in fact in New Jersey.

Are Fans Ready For Stacey?

After learning that Stacey Silva and Florian Sukaj would be a part of this cast, what were the fan reactions? Were they excited or over the twins in general?

  • Why Stacy and Florian? Their has beens from a decade ago
  • Oh no! Florian must not have cut her steak on the bias!
  • Ugh, Stacey?

More than anything, followers were concerned with Florian’s posture and how he could possibly be a model.

It will be interesting to see why they are on the show and if Darcey and Georgi will pop up somewhere. Are you excited for this season of The Last Resort or not into this show? Let us know in the comments below.

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