Kristen Doute Starts Drama Yet Again On ‘The Valley’

Kristen Doute Hurt By Lala Kent's Joke [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]

Kristen Doute is starting drama on The Valley yet again. However, the drama could have been started by a poor game of telephone. The show will have an eventful season with two main stars separating. Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor are currently separated, and Brittany constantly defends Jax on TV. There is drama revolving around the rest of the group for something Kristen Doute said.

Kristen Doute Gets Kicked From Vanderpump Rules

Back in 2020, an array of people got cut from Vanderpump Rules. Kristen Doute, Stassi Schroeder, and Jax Taylor were the main three. It seems the three got fired due to racist comments they had made in the past. However, Jax and Kristen got their time to shine again in the new show, The Valley. Stassi Schroeder did not want to be a part of the show, and this could stem from her messy friendship with Jax and Brittany. Their friendship went downhill when Jax and Brittany skipped out on her wedding when they were two of her closest friends. It now looks like Kristen’s past could come back to haunt her with the new group of people she is filming with.

Kristen Doute-YouTube
Kristen Doute-YouTube

Drama Kristen Started

It seems that the drama started from something Kristen said. She said Janet Caperna told Jasmine Goode that Michelle Lally was “racist and a Republican.”. This did not sit well with the group at all. Jesse Lally wanted to bring up what Kristen got fired for in 2020. When Michelle confronted Kristen about the situation, she did not hesitate to blame her supposed best friend, Zack Wickham. In a confessional, Michelle called Kristen a “crazy person”. Ouch. Michelle’s husband then told Kristen:

“You need to grow up a little bit,”

Kristen’s boyfriend, Luke, jumped in to defend her by saying he heard Zack tell Kristen the exact sentence on the phone. Jax Taylor also defended her, but this could be since Jax claims the two have a “brother and sister” relationship.

Kristen Doute/YouTube
It seems that things could have just gotten relayed incorrectly. However, this does not change the fact that the group is mad at Kristen. Especially her best friend Zack. Fans are dying to see how bad the argument truly gets in next week’s episode. It also seems that some of the cast members are holding her past racism against her and do not think she can be a changed person. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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