‘Bachelor’ ‘BIP’ Alum Lace Morris Shares Devastating News

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It’s been a tough year for Lace Morris already. She shared more devastating news with fans just weeks after confirming the end of a relationship. Keep reading for all the latest happenings in the reality star’s life.

BIP Alum Ends Relationship With Baby’s Father

This should be the happiest time in Lace Morris’s life. She just welcomed her first child less than a month ago. The Bachelor In Paradise alum announced in August 2023 that she was expecting a baby with boyfriend Ryan John Nelson.

However, it seems the two had a tumultuous relationship. She wrote on Instagram a month before she gave birth that the relationship had turned “messy.” However, she wasn’t ready to talk about it just yet. Lace welcomed her son, Liam Lee, in mid-March.

Lace Morris and son Liam/Credit: Lace Morris Instagram
Lace Morris and son Liam/Credit: Lace Morris Instagram

By the end of the month, she confirmed on social media that the couple had ended their relationship.

Lace Morris Shares Devastating News

Lace Morris took to her Instagram Story on Saturday, April 6, to share more bad news with her followers. Amid the turmoil with her ex, Lace had to make a difficult decision. She’s sending her dog, Lola, to live with her parents in Missouri for a few months while she gets some things sorted out.

“Your girl about to be the strongest girl you know soon,” Lace wrote on a snapshot of her holding both her son and her fur baby. She explained more about how difficult the decision was but why it was necessary.

“Between a baby/pp, relationship split, moving w a newborn, court, and now Lola & my mom leaving all at once – God testing my strength,” she added to the post.

Credit: Lace Morris Instagram
Credit: Lace Morris Instagram

Lace has no doubt that she will get through the tough times but admits that “$hit is hard” right now.

Fans Show Support

Lace Morris has been a favorite among Bachelor Nation viewers since she first appeared on Season 20 of The Bachelor. Fans took to Reddit to send well wishes to Lace during this difficult time:

  • You got this Lace!!! We are all rooting for you πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’›
  • In all seriousness though, pulling for her. I’ve got a soft spot for Lace.
  • Postpartum is the absolute hardest time – your body and mind are healing from trauma, your sleep is non-existent, you have a rollercoaster of hormones to manage, and then to have no partner around to help. I really feel for her and hope she can get some support somehow.

Hopefully, Lace’s dog can return to her and her son soon when things calm down a bit. Chime in down in the comments to send your support to Lace Morris.

Credit: Lace Morris Instagram
Credit: Lace Morris Instagram
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  1. I hope all of these things will bring her to realize that she is stronger than she thinks. These traumas come to us for growth. She can do this without a man. She just has to stay healthy and not do the things she did when she was younger. She has a little one now that is depending on her for his life. I wish her well.

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