Joey Graziadei Becomes Wingman For His Dad Nick

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Joey Graziadei is going to become a wingman for his dad, Nick. Joey loves to talk about his dad and how his sexuality has positively affected his life. Fans love getting to see more of Joey’s family and how much he loves them. Joey was ready to be out of the spotlight, but since the season ended, he has almost had to pay more attention to himself. Viewers enjoy seeing how he is with Kelsey and the love between them.

Joey Graziadei Moving With Kelsey Anderson

Joey Graziadei has been living with his sister while the show was still on television. However, he is going to be moving to New York City with his fiancé, Kelsey Anderson. They will be living in a small apartment in the city. This was Kelsey’s idea, and they are both open to it. If they do not like it, they won’t stay, but at least they can say they tried it. Fans are excited to see the journey Kelsey and Joey are going to go on and cannot wait to see what their future holds for them. The two of them plan on having a long engagement lasting two or three years. Fans do not blame them for enjoying their engagement and not rushing into a marriage.

Kelsey Anderson And Joey Graziadei
Kelsey Anderson And Joey Graziadei

Joey Is Becoming His Dad’s Wingman

Joey’s dad, Nick, is gay. This has been something positive in Joey’s life and he loves his dad for who he is. He is now trying to set his dad up with someone.

It seems that Nick Graziadei is going to have to get used to his son finding him love. Joey wants to play matchmaker and find his dad the love of his life like he has found. Fans love that Joey’s parents still have love for each other and are close regardless of what happened. Joey loves his parents and looks up to them both. Family has always been important to Joey, and it seems that he found someone with the same values. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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