Is Presumed-Dead Spencer Returning To ‘General Hospital’?

Nicholas Alexander Chavez as Spencer Cassadine 'General Hospital'/Credit: ABC YouTube

General Hospital fans are wondering if Spencer Cassadine is about to return from the dead after major hints on the show. If they do bring Spencer back, will he be played by fan-favorite Nicholas Alexander Chavez? Keep reading for the latest.

Is Presumed-Dead Spencer Returning To Port Charles?

General Hospital fans were devastated in January when popular character Spencer Cassadine was presumed dead. During a romantic getaway to Paris with girlfriend Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali,) Spencer met his maker after getting drugged by Esme Prince (Avery Kristan Pohl.)

Nicholas Alexander Chavez as Spencer Cassadine and Tabyana Ali as Trina on 'General Hospital'/Credit: ABC YouTube
Nicholas Alexander Chavez as Spencer Cassadine and Tabyana Ali as Trina on ‘General Hospital’/Credit: ABC YouTube

Spencer fell overboard into the Seine, never to be seen again. His body was never found, which only prolonged Trina’s grief. She was forced to confront her feelings head-on after a chat with her aunt. With Spencer’s name being mentioned more frequently, fans are wondering if the character is about to return from the dead.

As soap fans know, being presumed dead without a body being found means the character can return at some point. Just look at Jason (Steve Burton,) who recently returned from the dead after getting buried under rubble three years ago.

It’s extremely likely that Spencer Cassadine will find his way back to Port Charles sooner or later. Monsters & Critics speculated that the return could happen as soon as the next Sweeps month in July.

But the real question is – who will be playing Spencer?

Will Nicholas Alexander Chavez Return To General Hospital?

Nicholas Alexander Chavez wasn’t the first actor to play Spencer Cassadine. He joined the show in 2021 and quickly became a favorite among viewers. But in 2023, he got the gig of a lifetime in Netflix’s upcoming Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menéndez Story. He’s working with esteemed writer and producer Ryan Murphy, whose previous works include Glee and American Horror Story, to name a few.

Given Ryan Murphy’s history of boosting careers, fans immediately speculated that Nicholas Alexander Chavez wouldn’t return to daytime after his big break with Netflix.

But when he signed with General Hospital in 2021, he reportedly signed a three-year contract. If his contract expires this year, he could potentially return to the soap short-term until a recast can be found.

But GH fans on social media are in a frenzy after the actor seemed to unfollow his castmates on Twitter. One worried fan wrote, “NAC (Spencer) unfollowed Tabyana Sydney FV and General Hospital it looks like he isn’t coming back after all.

Neither ABC nor Nicholas Alexander Chavez has spoken out about when and if he will return to the role of Spencer Cassadine.

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