All About Kelsey Anderson’s 4-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei/Credit: ABC YouTube

Joey Graziadei proposed to Kelsey Anderson during The Bachelor Season 28 finale. Keep reading for all the details on her stunning engagement ring and why she knew it was her all along.

Joey Graziadei Picks Kelsey Anderson

Season 28 of The Bachelor came to its conclusion on Monday and it was definitely dramatic. In a franchise first, Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson arrived at the final rose ceremony together. Daisy told Joey Graziadei that she knew he wouldn’t be choosing her, and she left the show alone.

With Daisy gone, Joey professed his love to Kelsey Anderson. Not only did he give her the final rose, but he also proposed to her with a stunning Neil Lane ring.

Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei/Credit: Joey Graziadei Instagram

All About The Stunning 4-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

Neil Lane has been crafting engagement rings for Bachelor Nation shows for years. He sat down with Joey to design the perfect ring for Kelsey Anderson. Joey explained to PEOPLE magazine that he had already discussed with Kelsey small details about the ring before proposing.

“She’s explained that because she thinks that she has longer fingers, which I think are beautiful, she likes the more elongated cut, because she thinks it looks more feminine on her hand,” Joey said.

He added, “I think she could wear anything on her hand, and it would look beautiful.”

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Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson/Credit: ABC YouTube

Joey relayed what Kelsey wanted to the famed jewelry designer and he once again created a masterpiece. According to PEOPLE, Kelsey Anderon’s ring is inspired by Art-Deco and has an “emerald-cut diamond in the center” with two shield-shaped side stones on the sides.

Neil Lane revealed that the shield-shaped diamonds symbolize the couple “protecting” each other. The ring features a platinum band and 18 cut diamonds. All told, the ring is estimated to have around 4 carats of diamonds.

Neil Lane told the outlet that Joey confessed to being in love with Kelsey “for quite some time.” That may not have come as a surprise to his final rose winner. She said that she knew “it was always going to be me” as soon as she saw the ring. The couple are planning a enjoy a long engagement before walking down the aisle.

Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei/Credit: Joey Graziadei Instagram

You can see the stunning on Kelsey’s hand in the photo Joey Graziadei shared on social media. What do you think about the Bachelor finale? Did he choose the right woman? Will you be watching Jenn Tran on Season 21 of The Bachelorette? Chime in with your thoughts.

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