Nickelback And Hardy Team Up For Epic Crossover

Nickelback - Hardy

Nickelback and Hardy team up for an epic collaboration as part of the iconic CMT Crossroads series. So, what can listeners expect from this latest crossover?

CMT Crossroads Is A Legendary Series

As an artist, when you become successful in a particular style or genre, it can be tempting to take on the “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” mindset. After all, once you crack the code and find the winning formula, why mess with something that is working?

However, since first kicking off all the way back in January of 2002, CMT Crossroads brings together two famous artists or bands that might not normally cross paths. What comes of these epic pairings is renditions of songs that blend both styles to create something entirely new.

With over 22 seasons and more than 70 episodes to its credit, CMT Crossroads continues to be a hit with fans, and the show isn’t slowing down whatsoever.


Nickelback And Hardy Join Forces For Epic Collaboration

On April 6, a new installment of Crossroads will air featuring Canadian rock band Nickelback and country rocker, Hardy. Typically, the draw for Crossroads is showcasing different artists that wouldn’t otherwise mesh musically, or even cross paths at all. However, matching Hardy and Nickelback together is an ideal combination, as they both blend seamlessly into one another.

Nickelback has been making hit records and selling out arenas for decades. They have become the running joke among music fans, however, there’s no denying that they’ve built a memorable career for themselves, and they’ve managed to stick around and stay relevant where many of their peers have faded into obscurity.

As for Hardy, he is successful as both a songwriter for other artists, and as a singer himself. He perfectly walks the line between country and rock. So, this collaboration with Nickelback makes sense. The Canadian band is known for working in pop and even country elements into their rock framework.


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What Can Listeners Expect From Crossroads Episode?

There’s a lot to look forward to from this upcoming Nickelback and Hardy collaboration episode of Crossroads. Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger and Hardy take turns on the verses of a number of popular Nickelback tunes, including Save Me, Animals, and more.


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The artists will also tackle some of Hardy’s songs, including Truck Bed and Give Heaven Some Hell. Overall, this should be yet another entertaining mash-up as the popular crossover show continues chugging along with another episode that will surely be memorable.

CMT Crossroads: Nickelback & Hardy will premiere on Saturday, April 6 at 8 pm EST. So, interested viewers will surely want to set their DVR for it, as these two industry powerhouses collide for one memorable performance.

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