How Tiffany Haddish Beat Alcohol After DUI

Tiffany Haddish

Comedian and actor Tiffany Haddish had a wake-up call in a big way following a DUI arrest in 2023. This was the catalyst that helped her put the bottle down. So, how did she finally do it?

Tiffany Haddish Arrested For DUI In 2023

Tiffany Haddish’s most recent arrest occurred on November 24, 2023. The comedian allegedly fell asleep at the wheel while driving her Tesla. This incident happened in the early morning hours. She was charged with a DUI, but, the charge was reduced to a violation.

Tiffany Haddish then pleaded no contest later in February. Haddish said that she was “driving exhausted.” She had also attended a Thanksgiving event the evening before in West Hollywood. Haddish was previously arrested on suspicion of DUI in Georgia in 2022. So, she certainly has a history of this, and it was becoming a pattern.

Tiffany Haddish On Late Night With Seth Meyers [Late Night With Seth Meyers | YouTube]
[Late Night With Seth Meyers | YouTube]

Haddish Didn’t Drink At Big Hollywood Soiree

Tiffany Haddish recently co-hosted a big event put on by Elton John. It was the AIDS Foundation Oscar party. Haddish hosted the event while many Hollywood A-listers rubbed elbows and donated to a good cause. Some other notable guests that attended included Tim Allen, Sandra Lee, Heidi Klum, Patricia Arquette, and more.

Along with this big event, insiders noticed that Haddish didn’t partake in any alcohol throughout the whole thing. Insiders overheard her saying that her reason for avoiding booze at the swanky party was because she was “trying to get pregnant.” However, most assumed that was a joke from the celeb.


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The Haunted Mansion Celeb Choosing Her Sobriety

Tiffany Haddish recently revealed that she has been completely sober for 72 days and counting. She has neither drunk alcohol nor smoked marijuana during this stretch, and it’s a huge departure from what she used to do before she finally decided to get clean.

Haddish said that deciding to quit alcohol and marijuana hasn’t been hard for her, adding that she struggles more with eating healthy amounts of meat and candy. When asked recently what finally prompted her to kick these vices, she said it has been all about “being obedient to the law.”

She went on to say that her putting the bottle down “is court-mandated” in reference to her two DUI arrests. She went on to say that she only smoked weed to help with the pain associated with her endometriosis.

Tiffany Haddish
Tiffany Haddish/YouTube

Keeping yourself in good standing with the law is certainly a good reason to kick some bad habits, however, the fact that Haddish has been able to quit both alcohol and weed for as long as she has while being around it all the time as an entertainer is a testament to her willpower and her desire to keep from repeating past mistakes.

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