‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Being ‘Graceful’ Amid Family Tragedy

Meri Brown, Sister Wives, sourced from Instagram

Tragedy rocked the Sister Wives community at the beginning of March when Garrison Brown sadly took his own life. In the following days and weeks, many family members expressed their sadness over his death while many fans had questions.

Although Meri Brown hasn’t played an active role in the children’s lives in quite some time, she also felt Garrison’s loss very deeply. She even made a compassionate post praying for her late mother to welcome Garrison into Heaven.

As the family and Sister Wives community recover from the loss, many viewers think Meri Brown’s behavior speaks volumes about her character. Keep reading to see what others are saying.

Meri Brown Refused To Answer Questions About Garrison’s Death

Since Garrison Brown’s death was so tragic and sudden, it makes sense that viewers have questions. While Meri Brown thanked fans for their well wishes during this difficult chapter, she firmly said she would the family’s privacy first.

Overall, Sister Wives fans applauded the move.

Meri Brown, Sister Wives, sourced from Instagram
Meri Brown/Instagram

“Meri is class and grace,” one Sister Wives fan shared on Reddit this week. “Meri just wrapped up Fridays with Friends. She thanked everyone for their comments, prayers, love, etc. in Garrison’s passing. She said she was not going to be entertaining any questions about the situation, out of respect for Janelle and the family. She said she also didn’t want to talk about it too much, because she didn’t want to start crying. Jen mentioned all the donations made in Garrison’s name to animal shelters, etc. and Meri did seem to get a tad teary then.”

The OP went on to include how Meri hoped the family would spend more time together in the future. Overall, the Redditor found Meri’s behavior incredibly favorable during the family’s heartbreaking situation.


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Other Sister Wives Fans React To The Livestream

Sister Wives fans have generally held mixed feelings about Meri over the past several years. However, most agreed with the original Redditor’s assessment here.

Other Reddit users wrote:

  • It was good to hear from her/someone in the family. It was especially great to hear they’ve all spent time together. … Her eyes were so red, and the tear mark down her cheek got me. I really think the point of tonight’s live was to get across how touched they were by the donations in Garrison’s name.”
  • I adore Meri!! The things that man put her thru is deplorable.”
  • I’m glad she was included and spent time with the family and Janelle.”
  • It showed in later seasons that she was internalizing things she was learning in therapy. The way she spoke changed.”

What do you think about Meri Brown’s demeanor in her latest livestream? Do you think she’s handling Garrison Brown’s passing with class and grace? Add your thoughts to the conversation.

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