‘Southern Charm’ Kathryn Dennis Announces Major Life Changes

Kathyrn Dennis

Kathryn Dennis is from Southern Charm, and she just announced a major life change that will be happening for her. Dennis is known for her on and off again relationship with Thomas Ravenel. They now share two kids and Kathryn has been focusing on bettering herself and being a better mother. However, she is now doing something she used to, and fans are excited for her.

Kathryn Dennis And Her Messy Past

Kathryn Dennis has not withheld the best reputation over the years. Her ex-Thomas Ravenel had full custody over their children because Kathryn could not stay sober. She met Thomas on Southern Charm when she was only 21 years old. They had a very on and off again relationship that was never set in stone. They hooked up all the time, after almost every reunion show. It seems as though the chemistry has always been there, but they are toxic to each other. Thomas was a felon and he even got charged with alleged sexual assault with their nanny at the time. It is safe to say neither have ever had their lives full together.

Kathryn Dennis - YouTube
Kathryn Dennis – YouTube

She Has A Major Life Update

Dennis recently revealed that she was going to be going back to school. She announced it on her Instagram story. However, she did not reveal what she was going to be going back to school for or where she would be attending school. Kathryn had already gone to college and studied Political Science and Women’s Studies. She did express that she eventually wanted to study what she is passionate about which is fashion.

“I’m just kind of dabbling and exploring what it is I want to do now, I was studying politics and I wanted to go to law school and all that lame stuff that’s just like a checklist. So now I’m just following what I really like, which is fashion and clothes, shoes. I’m trying to teach myself and re-learn who I am.”

Kathryn Dennis - Instagram
Kathryn Dennis – Instagram

While Kathryn Dennis has decided to go back to school, she is still going to try and be the best mother to her two children. She has been trying to turn around her life for a while and it seems as though she is now trying to take another step towards that goal. It is unknown what she is going to be studying or where she is going to be going. However, fans wish her the best and cannot wait to see what this adventure has in store for her. What do you think she is going to be studying? Sound off in the comments below.

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