The Winders Extend Sympathy To ‘Sister Wives’ Family

Tami Winder, Colton Winder, Sophie Winder

Former Seeking Sister Wife family, the Winders have extended their sympathy to the Sister Wives family. Once they learned about the passing of Garrison Brown, they were compelled to say something. So, what did they have to say? Read on for more details.

The Winders Extend Sympathy To Sister Wives Family

Some feel that Kody Brown was instrumental in making Seeking Sister Wife a reality. He was close friends with Season 1 star Jeff Alldredge and eventually, the show was created. Was it a Sister Wives spinoff? That is unclear but the concept is similar. As for the Winders, they came in Season 2 and were the most authentic about living polygamy. It was much like the Browns when their show first began. Eventually, they were not asked back to the series after two seasons but have built an amazing life. Colton Winder and his two wives, Tami and Sophie grew their brood by four more children, now having a total of five, and seem very happy.

The Winders/Facebook
Tami Winder, Colton Winder, Sophie Winder-Facebook

Unfortunately, they were torn apart to learn that Garrison Brown had passed away on March 5, 2024. He allegedly took his own life and was found by his brother, Gabriel. Garrison is the son of Janelle and Kody Brown but loved by so many. The Winders took to Instagram to share their condolences:


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“We were extremely saddened to hear that Garrison Brown had passed away this morning. We offer our deepest condolences to the entire Brown family for their loss, and pray that a spirit of peace, comfort, and love will be with them at this time.”

Immediately, their followers chimed in on the tragic Sister Wives loss as they could not believe what had happened:

  • How devastating that he was in such pain, that he felt no other choice. I pray they find peace.
  • You guys are class acts. Truly. Such sad news, he seemed like such a good, kind soul. 💙😢
  • Its so nice of you to come forward with your condolences for the Brown family. You are truly a wonderful family.
  • It’s heartbreaking, and I hope their large family will be able to get through this. 😢

Good People

Followers of the Winder family were amazed at what good people they were to come forward and pay tribute to Garrison Brown. More so, they liked how they extended their condolences to the Sister Wives family during this horrible time.


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It shows the sense of community that they are aiming to create and that is really special. Hopefully, more people aim to be like them.

Are you shocked that the Winders spoke up or is that just who they are? Let us know and finally, remember that you are not alone. If you or someone you know is feeling suicidal, contact 988. 

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